What’s Happening in WSD that supports AAA…

There are a wide variety of programs, initiatives, and activities happening throughout the division that support Aboriginal Academic Achievement.  Some of the various initiatives include, but are not limited to…

School-based Indigenous Education Committees

Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program

Student-led groups

Sharing of Indigenous learning resources

Land-based Education

Cree and Ojibwe Language Programs (Bilingual Program, Language Classes)

Professional development opportunities for staff (Blanket Exercise, Circle in the Box, Treaty Education)

– Treaty Land Acknowledgement

– Orange Shirt Day

– Indigenous celebrations – Culture days, Pow Wows and/or Pow Wow Clubs

– Guest Speakers

– Storytelling

– Indigenous Perspectives through cross curricular areas

– Cultural Teachings: 7 Teachings, smudging, medicine wheel teachings, tipi teachings

– Grandmother Groups

– Parent Involvement

– Community Support Workers

– Aboriginal Education Team support

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