Treaty Education Wall Charts

The following are the pdf Treaty Education Wall Charts for grades K-12.  The charts include the Themes, Sub-Themes, Topics, and Treaty Education Essential Learning Objectives for each grade!

For more information visit the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba

(5MB) Wall Charts – K – Grade 4-24x6otn

(1MB) Wall Chart – Grade 5-23dpvb8

(1MB) Wall Chart – Grade 6-2kergcm

(.1MB) grade7_chart_LR-1wewhpa

(.1MB) grade8_chart_LR-29amian

(.1MB) grade9_chart_LR-1deh1rz

(.1MB) grade10_chart_LR-1cuaxa7

(.1MB) grade11_chart_LR-28qu2t9

(.1MB) grade12_chart_LR-235s0cv


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