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AAA Representatives 2018-2019

School AAA Representative(s)
Andrew Mynarski Paul Shairo
APC  Faye Tardiff
Argyle Ian Harrysingh
Brock Corydon Karla Dueck Thiessen
Carpathia Sherrie Moir
 Cecil Rhodes Terrie-Lynn Day
 Champlain Catherine Siller
 Children of the Earth Michelle Arnaud  Connie West-Buck
Clifton Summer Kuzyk
 College Churchill
David Livingstone Amanda Almadal
Dufferin Byron Thiessen
Earl Grey
Faraday Rochelle Doerksen Carol Hoydalo
Fort Rouge
Garden Grove
General Wolfe Mario Cueto
George V
Glenelm Blair Shymko
Gladstone Angie Shynkaruk
Gordon Bell Micheal Kirkness
Grant Park Christina Macdonald
Grosvenor Charlotte Jackson
Harrow Tiffany Cote
Hugh John Tamara Rondeau
Inkster Jennifer Graustins
Isaac Brock Kristina Gilkes
Isaac Newton
JB Mitchell Jennifer Johnson
John M King
Kelvin  Angela Remillard Melanie Charbonneau
Kent Road Caroline Dixon Arielle Garand
King Edward
Lansdowne Jessica Threadkell Kyla Haggart
Laura Secord Jill Joanette Trish Nobre
Lord Nelson Jenn Anderson
Lord Roberts 
Lord Selkirk Eunuch Lee
Meadows West  Sandie Zinn
Montcalm (MATC)
Mulvey  Carrie Vande Graff
Niji Makhwa
Norquay  Dan Bohemier
Pinkham  Amanda Andrade
Prairie Rose
Principal Sparling  Allison Van Helvert
Queenston Marianna Vieira
Ralph Brown  Krista Goring
RB Russell Charisse Cyr
River Elm Brandi Vezina
River Heights Jennifer Wiebe
Robert H Smith Francine Maynard
Robertson Evelyn Zankowski
Rockwood April King
Sacre Coeur
Grant Park
St. John’s  Tala Gammon
Sargent Park Samantha Duncan
Shaughnessy Park Tara Smith
Sir William Osler Chloe Carpenter
Sisler Kathy Sinclair
Sister MacNamara Jeremy Haines
Stanley Knowles Trudy Prince
Strathcona Peter Grozdanovic
Tec Voc Megan Thom
Tyndall Park Vicky Cabrera Huma Arain
Wellington  Tiffany Pritchard
Weston Trish Goncalves  Heather van Ginkel
William Whyte
Wolesley Sonia Medalglia-dos Santos
WAEC Gerald Shaganash


AAA Grant Provincial Support Document

This support document for the Aboriginal Academic Achievement (AAA) grant provides information to assist school divisions with developing AAA plans and measuring outcomes of programming that is focused on First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students’ academic achievement. The AAA grant is one component of Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning’s broader ongoing focus on Aboriginal education. This document references recent changes to the AAA grant, including a focus on literacy and numeracy for Aboriginal students. The interconnected relationships among all stakeholders (e.g., school divisions, teachers, parents, students, and the community) are a primary focus of Aboriginal education in Manitoba. These relationships inform the culturally responsive approaches that are needed to address literacy and numeracy for Aboriginal students.  Click here for more support documents from the Province of Manitoba  Education and Training.

AAA Representative Roles and Responsibiliites

The interconnected relationships among all stakeholders (school divisions, teachers, parents, students, and community) is crucial for the success of Aboriginal Academic Achievement.  Focusing on improvement of literacy and numeracy, it is imperative we create applicable and appropriate learning environments that embrace Indigenous knowledges through a wholistic approach.  As an AAA Representative, some individuals are new to the role, and others have years of experience to draw on.  By working together, we can share and build on each others’ successes and ideas to program effectively together for Aboriginal Academic Achievement.  AAA Representatives carry an important responsibility – to strive towards creating a school culture that embraces infusion of Indigenous perspectives and knowledges for the success of all students.  The collaboration of AAA Representative, Administration, School Staff, and the Aboriginal Education Team will support this work in a variety of ways, which include (but is not limited to):

– Developing/incorporating an Indigenous Education Committee within your school

–  Collaborating with the WSD Aboriginal Education Team: Indigenous Programming Support Teachers, Aboriginal Graduation Coaches, and Consultants.

– Collaborating with administration, staff, and Aboriginal Education team to develop an Indigenous Education plan

– Advocating and assisting with planning for professional development for school staff

– Supporting and mentoring fellow teachers with implementing Indigenous perspectives (co-teaching, co-planning, information sharing, classroom observations)

– Attending all WSD AAA Representative Meetings

– Maintaining open communication of AAA opportunities and resources through a variety of ways: newsletter, bulletin board, website, email, blog, staff meetings

– Sharing/creating AAA resources

– Purchasing approved resources for your school

– Involvement in the WSD Aboriginal Education Policy Review

– Facilitating student groups that support AAA

– Supporting the WSD Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program

– Involving parent and community voice

WNCP Tool for Validating Resources

Here is a link for the Common Curriculum Framework for the WNCP Common Tool for Assessing and Validating Teaching and Learning Resources for Cultural Appropriateness and Historical Accuracy of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Content (please note this is a western Canadian tool).  The framework contains checklists and evaluation criteria created by representatives from across Western Canada and the North to support teaching and library staff in assessing the validity of Indigenous resources for use with students.

Treaty Education Teacher Guides

Here are the pdf Treaty Education Teacher Guides with Lesson Plans for grades 1-12

(7MB) TRCM_K_book-HR-208q5qz

(6MB) TRCM_gr1_book-HR-14ybkmb

(7MB)  TRCM_gr2_book_HR-2nvnm4u

(6MB) TRCM_gr3_book_HR-yomeh8

(7MB) TRCM_gr4_book-HR-z3f4wy

(7MB) TRCM_gr5_book-HR-2md9cy8

(4MB) TRCM_gr6_cover-HR-2j9mojr

(5MB) TRCM_gr7_book_HR-2fvexdv

(8MB) TRCM_gr8_book_HR-27pd571

(8MB) TRCM_gr9_book_HR-vuv2gl

(4MB) TRCM_gr10_book_HR-121jmq5

(4MB) TRCM_gr11_book_HR-2kjggh5

(6MB) TRCM_gr12_book_HR-1atkeyu