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WSD Aboriginal Education Team

Role Name Email
Director of Aboriginal Education and Newcomer Services Rob Riel
Elder/Knowledge Keeper Myra Laramee
Aboriginal Education Consultant/Support Teacher Bobbie-Jo Leclair
Aboriginal Education Consultant/Support Teacher Rina Bright
Cree Language Support Teacher Rudy Okemaw
Indigenous Programming Support Teacher Rachelle Carlisle
Indigenous Programming Support Teacher Charisse Cyr
Indigenous Programming Support Teacher Misty Perrun
Indigenous Programming Support Teacher Keith Bousquet
Aboriginal Graduation Coach (Grant Park) Lindsey Trudeau
Aboriginal Graduation Coach (Children of the Earth) Shirley Delorme Russell
Aboriginal Graduation Coach (St. John’s) Stephanie Midford
Aboriginal Graduation Coach (Tec Voc) Georgia Wells
Literacy Intervention Support Teacher (Pinkham) Janice Caplan
Literacy Intervention Support Teacher (Niji Mahkwa) Leanne Chernetz
Literacy Intervention Support Teacher (Shaughnessy Park) Tammy Fissel
Literacy Intervention Support Teacher (William Whyte) Lisa Titley
Literacy Intervention Support Teacher (Weston) Neil Kumka
ESD Consultant Chantelle Cotton
Newcomer Service Coordinator Sue Hoang

The Winnipeg School Division Aboriginal Education Team offers supports to implement Indigenous perspectives into the curriculum through building capacity and empowering school staff in their learning journey to promote Indigenous education that is appropriate, applicable, and sustainable.  If you would like school wide supports, please contact our Aboriginal Education Consultants.  For individual/small group support please contact your respective Indigenous Programming Support Teacher assigned to your school.


Consultant School Assignments:

Bobbie-Jo Leclair Rina Bright
Andrew Mynarski Argyle
Churchill DMCI
College Churchill General Wolfe
Elmwood Gordon Bell
Grant Park RB Russell
Hugh John Macdonald St. John’s
Sisler Tec Voc
Kelvin Isaac Newton

Indigenous Programming Support Teacher School Assignments:

Charisse Cyr Rachelle Carlisle Keith Bousquet Misty Perrun
Brock Corydon Faraday Cecil Rhodes Clifton
Champlain Fort Rouge David Livingstone Glenelm
Carpathia Garden Grove Earl Grey Greenway
Dufferin Gladstone George V J.B. Mitchell
Grosvenor Inkster Isaac Brock Kent Road
Harrow John M. King Lansdowne Lord Roberts
Lord Nelson King Edward Meadows West Lord Selkirk
Montrose Laura Secord Niji Mahkwa Pinkham
Mulvey LaVerendrye Ralph Brown Principal Sparling
Norquay Sir William Osler River Heights River Elm
Prairie Rose Luxton Sargent Park Robert H. Smith
Queenston Machray Shaughnessy Park Sacre-Coeur
Robertson Riverview Stanley Knowles Strathcona
Rockwood Sister MacNamara William Whyte Victoria-Albert
Tyndall Park Wellington Weston