AAA Representative Roles and Responsibiliites

The interconnected relationships among all stakeholders (school divisions, teachers, parents, students, and community) is crucial for the success of Aboriginal Academic Achievement.  Focusing on improvement of literacy and numeracy, it is imperative we create applicable and appropriate learning environments that embrace Indigenous knowledges through a wholistic approach.  As an AAA Representative, some individuals are new to the role, and others have years of experience to draw on.  By working together, we can share and build on each others’ successes and ideas to program effectively together for Aboriginal Academic Achievement.  AAA Representatives carry an important responsibility – to strive towards creating a school culture that embraces infusion of Indigenous perspectives and knowledges for the success of all students.  The collaboration of AAA Representative, Administration, School Staff, and the Aboriginal Education Team will support this work in a variety of ways, which include (but is not limited to):

– Developing/incorporating an Indigenous Education Committee within your school

–  Collaborating with the WSD Aboriginal Education Team: Indigenous Programming Support Teachers, Aboriginal Graduation Coaches, and Consultants.

– Collaborating with administration, staff, and Aboriginal Education team to develop an Indigenous Education plan

– Advocating and assisting with planning for professional development for school staff

– Supporting and mentoring fellow teachers with implementing Indigenous perspectives (co-teaching, co-planning, information sharing, classroom observations)

– Attending all WSD AAA Representative Meetings

– Maintaining open communication of AAA opportunities and resources through a variety of ways: newsletter, bulletin board, website, email, blog, staff meetings

– Sharing/creating AAA resources

– Purchasing approved resources for your school

– Involvement in the WSD Aboriginal Education Policy Review

– Facilitating student groups that support AAA

– Supporting the WSD Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program

– Involving parent and community voice

WNCP Tool for Validating Resources

Here is a link for the Common Curriculum Framework for the WNCP Common Tool for Assessing and Validating Teaching and Learning Resources for Cultural Appropriateness and Historical Accuracy of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Content (please note this is a western Canadian tool).  The framework contains checklists and evaluation criteria created by representatives from across Western Canada and the North to support teaching and library staff in assessing the validity of Indigenous resources for use with students.

Treaty Education Teacher Guides

Here are the pdf Treaty Education Teacher Guides with Lesson Plans for grades 1-12

(7MB) TRCM_K_book-HR-208q5qz

(6MB) TRCM_gr1_book-HR-14ybkmb

(7MB)  TRCM_gr2_book_HR-2nvnm4u

(6MB) TRCM_gr3_book_HR-yomeh8

(7MB) TRCM_gr4_book-HR-z3f4wy

(7MB) TRCM_gr5_book-HR-2md9cy8

(4MB) TRCM_gr6_cover-HR-2j9mojr

(5MB) TRCM_gr7_book_HR-2fvexdv

(8MB) TRCM_gr8_book_HR-27pd571

(8MB) TRCM_gr9_book_HR-vuv2gl

(4MB) TRCM_gr10_book_HR-121jmq5

(4MB) TRCM_gr11_book_HR-2kjggh5

(6MB) TRCM_gr12_book_HR-1atkeyu


"Out of respect for the Indigenous peoples of Manitoba, we at the Winnipeg School Division recognize the schools we attend reside on Treaty 1 land known as First Nations Territory as well as the Homeland of the Metis Nation".

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