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WSD Bilingual Program

The WSD Bilingual Program offers instruction in both Cree and Ojibwe language.  Our programs are located at Isaac Brock School and currently run from grades K-1 for the 2017-2018 year, and will run from grades K-2 for the 2018-2019 school year.  For more information and registration contact Isaac Brock school or one of the Aboriginal Education Consultants.

Link to Bilingual program information – https://www.winnipegsd.ca/schools/IsaacBrock/AcademicsAndClasses/creeojibwe/Pages/Default.aspx



Special Language Exams – High School Credit

Special Language Exams are hosted by Winnipeg School Division 2 times a year.  WSD can provide tutors to prepare students to challenge exams in Ojibwe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dene, and Michif.  Students may earn up  to 4 special language credits towards graduation.  If you are aware of students that would like to challenge the exam, please contact the Aboriginal Education Consultants.  The next examination dates are in April 2019, students must register early, stay tuned for more information and registration forms.

Link to MB Ed Special Language Website – http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/cur/languages/langcredit.html

Indigenous Languages Resources

For resources applicable to Indigenous Languages, the Manitoba Aboriginal Languages Strategy has developed a database of resources both in and about Indigenous languages.  Go to the Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre at http://mbcsc.edu.gov.mb.ca/ and search “mals”.  You can then narrow your search.  We invite you to search for these resources internally as well using the WSD Library Support Services at http://www1.youseemore.com/wsd1/default.asp and have them couriered to your school.  If WSD is missing a resource, please contact one of the Aboriginal Education Consultants: Bobbie-Jo Leclaire boleclaire@wsd1.org or Rina Bright rbriight@wsd1.org

Link to Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre http://mbcsc.edu.gov.mb.ca/

Link to WSD Library Support Services http://www1.youseemore.com/wsd1/default.asp