Podcast Update

First Small Steps

I recently wrote about my desire to experiment with student generated podcasts.  I have begun this process, but because I am not particularly savvy with technologically, my steps in this journey have been small.

In my Grade 10 IB Class and Grade 12 English class I have been experimenting with student generated audio recordings.  Those these are not podcasts, per se, they are an attempt to emphasise oral communication skills and experiment with different ways students can demonstrate their learning (both during and after) a study.

Below I have outlined two attempts (feel free to read and listen).

**What I really need to think about next is how to share these audio files between students–any suggestions?

In my Grade 10 class, the assignment was summative and formal in nature.  After reading and discussing Macbeth, I asked students to prepare a 5-7 minute audio recording of an oral commentary on a passage from  the play.  This was a final assignment; students had time to review the passage and prepare an outline prior to recording.  The recording had to be continuous and  demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the passage, appreciation of writer’s choices, appropriate register, and organisation.
10 IB Student Commentary on Macbeth


In Grade 12, my focus was on discovery rather than a demonstration of solid understanding. After reading Act 3 of King Lear, we considered what aspects of the Act that deserved fuller exploration.  Each group chose one of these aspects and were given 30 minutes to record a 15 minute impromptu discussion where they attempted to explore this aspect.

12 Lit. Discovery Discussion Act 3 King Lear

The purpose of these assignments