About Me

20151023_192541_resizedWelcome to my home page.

I am a lover of books and all things word related, which is fortunate as I am an English Teacher at Kelvin High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba!  I teach Grade 10 English, Grade 11 and 12 Lit. and 12 IB English.  I love my job.  That I get to explore ‘books’ all day is heavenly; that I get to explore ‘books’ all day with incredible kids is divine!

I believe that narrative is central to being human.  As Jane Urquart suggests, “we write to understand”. We tell stories to help make sense of the crazy world in which we live, and we read other people’s stories for the same reason.  Students in my class can expect a teacher who believes in the importance of story–not as something frivolous and second-rate, but as something that, if explored and created openly and with a curious mind, can reveal deep truths about what makes us human.

I’m hoping this blog will illustrate my commitment to ‘story’. I’m hoping that as I write–openly and with a curious mind–that I will be better able to understand what I do and why I do it.  And, I’m hoping that the stories I tell here are meaningful to someone, somewhere.