This blog is mainly for students in Applied Math 30S and, Pre-Calculus 40S in Room 301 at WAEC.

Here, you will find information on lessons completed, dates for tests, and announcements.

Please click on the links above to go to the Applied Math 30S or Pre-Calculus Math 40S page.

Please email  any assignments to me at:


Pre-Registration for Next School Year is Open

For Applications:

Please go to the school’s Website at or at the front door of the school for pickup.

Students can email their applications or drop them off at the front door of the school.




All classes are now only on-line.

(No In-person classes.) 


Provincial Pre-Calculus Math 40S  Exam

is Cancelled for June, 2020

Link to Provincial Pre-Calculus Math 40S Exams. 


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