About The Prosperity Project ~Project Overview~

You are part of a generation that is experiencing a ONCE IN A LIFETIME situation, a time of social isolation, independent learning and self-reflection.  This project has been designed to help you document this experience.  There are three components to this project;

              • the connection to literature
              • daily documentation
              • weekly explore your world activities

Marks will be distributed as follows:

Reading 25%  ► the connection to literature

Writing 25%     ► daily documentation

Theme 25%     ► weekly explore your world activities

                                                      Total                 ► 75% of Term 4 mark

The Introduction

To begin, you will select a writing genre from the top menu bar.

Mystery   or    Espilatory    or    Non-Fiction    or    Diary.

This will genre will be the genre of the book you will be reading AND the style of writing you will be doing through-out the project.

The Connection to Literature Reading 

Under each genre has a list of novels.

You will choose one novel to read and your writing will echo the same voice and writing format as the novel.

Daily Documentation  Writing

Complete daily writing entries about your  life in our time of social distancing.

Follow the style, structure and voice of your novel.


Exploring your World Theme Activities

A weekly multi-media assignment will be assigned.

This will  be manipulated  to fit into your daily documentation.

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