It’s Cool To Be Kind!

Upon review of our “Kindness” vs “Unkindness” challenge we have discovered…

25 kind messages and 8 unkind messages! Good job 123!

Next steps:

-Consider what the unkind examples were and how we can change those types of behaviours into kindness examples

-Inspire more people to write a note about something they experienced

-Remind ourselves that we are tracking kindness that we experience NOT the kindness she show to others (not focussing on the “I” messages like “I helped clean up”. It helps us to take notice of others. Let someone write _____ was kind when s/he cleaned up my table spot)

-Keep the acts of kindness genuine…we aren’t telling people to notice something so we can write it on a ticket

-Continue to write acts of unkindness…don’t ignore them to make us feel like we have fewer acts of unkindness just because they aren’t being written down and put in the box

-Save all the notes and see what they look like for a predetermined amount of time (which has not been decided yet)

-Spread kindness like confetti!

We’d love to hear your Random Act of Kindness stories from home…let us know by commenting on this post!



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