Healthy Heart Day!

Today you were sent an email about our Valentine’s Day plans(and a list of student names)! Our celebration theme is heart healthy!!! We will get our hearts pumping and also play the board games that 122 and 123 have been making! The sign up sheet for snacks has been posted outside of our classroom door. I tried to break up things like yogurt, cheese and drinks so two parents could bring. If you want to do all drinks or all cheese then feel free and let me know! I also put a spot for cups, napkins and plates. If you sign up for juice and plan on bringing juice boxes then let me know and we will cross cups off the list!

On Friday we are a) doing Winter Fun Day in the morning and b) making Valentine card holders in the afternoon (from 1-1:30 and 2:30-3:00). If you’d like to come and spend some time with us please feel free! You are also more than welcome to come on Valentine’s Day or on Monday morning when we do some plastering of our wire Yoga pose people! Just let me know other in person or via email if you’d like to come in!

*For Friday we are asking students to bring in some supplies they might need for the card holders. We have lots of materials at school, but the class wants to create different types of holders so if you have an empty tissue box or cereal box, etc. that your child needs…Please send that in by Friday!

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