Recap & Looking Forward!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

To catch you up on what went on last week…

-Festival: We were great (as you heard on the last post). I’m still trying to figure out how to post the second song. It doesn’t want to email such a large file. I’ll keep thinking!

-Folklorama: Our two presentations were super fun. The first one was about African music. We got to listen to many different instruments and songs, then we also got to play some instruments and sing and learn some dances! There were so many smiles going around…it was contagious! The second presentation was on the form of Chinese Martial Arts called Wushu. We had an instructor and one of his students demonstrate their craft. They were amazing. They moved so quickly and purposefully. After that they taught us some moves too. They announced that they brought prizes for 3 students who they felt were very focussed during our ‘lesson’. Two students from 123 won! Good job!!!! What a great way to learn and celebrate other cultures 🙂

-MTYP: On Friday afternoon we had the MTYP touring performance called Dib & Dob. This was an interesting play because…there was no English! The two main characters spoke a language that the two of them had made up. Some of the words were similar to English, but we had to use other clues to figure out what they were trying to say!

-Other: Our classroom is looking a bit different! The old SmartBoard is gone, new projector is being installed and the bulletin/whiteboard from the back of the room is now where the SmartBoard used to be! We are getting very excited to be able to try out our new technology! The research we’ve been doing for our country projects is paying off! We are now in the making and sharing of information stage! Flags are being put up, Lego figures of symbols are being created, and facts are being learned! We finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!! I have been convinced to read the second book. It is interesting to see how excited the students are about the series. It was very fun to read and I hope the class enjoys the second one as much as the first. We will however read a book in between. One about human rights.

-Ask Me…Question: This week the question asks the students to share 3 things that happened this week. It was such a busy and exciting week that I thought it’d be nice to have a chat with our families about things that happened! *Now that it is March…can you please do the February reading graph at home 🙂

Looking Forward!

-This week will continue to work on our country projects. Some of the activities/stations we have planned are: Fast Facts (most are finished), Flags (we are about 2/3 finished), Lego symbols (1/5 finished), Food (making a local dish out of plasticine), Language (sharing how to say words and phrases), Postcard writing and Human Rights activities.

-We are going to finish our bridges with Murray on Tuesday afternoon!!! We are also going to construct another structure that we are creating for the purpose of testing strength! It will be an instant challenge, so we will need to think quickly!

-We will work though more multiplication facts! Most of the kids are really liking multiplication. After understanding that multiplication means ‘groups of’ and how multiplication can be represented, students enjoy learning their basic facts and like to share how quickly they can recall the facts!

Need more practice? Try coming up with a fact and represent it in these four ways (Commutative Property-“turn around fact”, Repeated Addition-using adding to represent multiplication, Groups of-use objects and put them into equal groups that match the fact, Array-an arrangement of objects in columns and rows that match the fact

-Canada 150: We are having our first Vertical Group activity day on March 9. We will find our who is in our group and which station we will start at. I’m looking forward to leading my station about Aboriginal Languages and excited to hear how the students in the other groups (Dance, Drama, Drumming) enjoy their experiences as well. Reminder that throughout the rest of the year all students in 123 will be part of all four Language and Culture stations.

-February is over…we should all be finished reading the I Love To Read Chapter books chosen by each student. Students were asked to read a new chapter book that they could do a little project on. These projects are starting this week! If you have not finished reading, please spend some time this week finishing up your book!

-We are going to do our final copies for the Narrative writing that we wrote awhile ago. This piece is meant to be published and shared at conferences. I am still missing a few narrative writing pieces. If I do not receive them ASAP then I will  not be able to edit the work and students will publish without teacher edits.

-Book orders are due this week. I am hoping that this order will not take as long as the last order did. It is very unusual for Scholastic to take more than a week (in my experience). Apologies to any inconveniences from the last order.

Have a great, great weekend!!!


2 thoughts on “Recap & Looking Forward!

  1. Vycki Atallah

    Wowza! What an amazing month. I’ve noticed so much enthusiasm at home time listening to all of the cool things you’ve been up to. Thank you so much for painting such a vivid picture. It helps us stay connected

    1. dshrumm Post author

      That means the world to me! Thank you for being part of our home/school connection. This is such an amazing community to be part of. My teacher heart is full!


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