Spring Ahead!!!

Good Morning & Happy Weekend!

First things first…this is your friendly reminder about the time change tomorrow! I feel like if I say it enough times that perhaps I will remember and not miss my morning Yoga class lol!

This Week At School!

-We are working hard to get everything ready for Student Led Conferences next Thursday and Friday. Your child was given the yellow sheet that they handed in with your time preference marked on it. This time the specific time is written in the right hand column. If your child did not return a yellow sheet, we gave you a time. If any of the times do not work for you, please call the office or let me know and we can work something out. Be prepared to see some amazing work! Conferences are Student Led, and not for meeting one on one with me. If you have any concerns, please make another appointment with me. This conference is meant to be a celebration of learning. There may be up to 4 families in the room at one time, and you may go through the “learning tour” in any order that works for you. Report cards will be sent home on Monday 🙂

-We had our first full session in our vertical teams for Canada 150. It was really fun to be mixed up from grades 1-6 and focus on one aspect of Aboriginal culture. We are looking forward to our next session in April. Mrs. Silk’s group is working on Aboriginal dance and I found this video online to show the kids. We thought Erik Pipestem is pretty amazing! Check out the video! (It is a link to a Facebook video so let me know if you can access it. Seems to work from my viewpoint!) P.S. We watched it on our new Interactive Whiteboard!!!! Pretty excited to have that up and running!

Hoop Dancer at Calgary Flames Game

-Yogis! Our yogis are almost finished! Here is a glimpse at the progress…then no more pictures until you can see them in person!!! The colours of the Yogis are inspired by the feeling that the students feel in that post. I love them so much!  My Yoga instructor is super impressed with our project!

Ask Me…There is no formal Ask Me…question this week. Since our day was so busy yesterday, we didn’t have time to write a question down. Some students still wanted to do one so here it is…Ask Me…about my Yogi! Some of the kids wrote it down after school ended, some said they’d remember it, and some don’t want to do it at all. These options are all fine with me!

I look forward to seeing everyone either Thursday or Friday. Have a great weekend 🙂

Until next time,


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