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Happy Earth Day to you all!!!! I’ve just sent Jocelyn an email to send to our families of 123 about some exciting upcoming activities that we are doing in regard to our inquiry on What does it mean to be Canadian with a focus on the environment. This may not be ‘news’ to some of you. If you already know all about it from posts you’ve seen or from what you’ve talked about with your child then YAY! (you can skim over that email ;))

I’m thinking that this inquiry might just be the one I am most excited about. I have always been really interested in becoming a difference maker when it comes to the environment. It started when I was a kid. I continued to think about and challenge myself and others to be more committed to making ‘good’ choices all throughout my school career and young adult years. Now I get to work with the next generation of kids to see what they think is important and how they plan to make a difference too. I’ve already been so inspired by the students in 123. You have amazing children!!! Now where will this inquiry take us?

*30 for 30 challenge: Thank you for the positive response for us doing this at school AND  accepting the 30 for 30 challenge at home. Please share what you’ve been up to (you can email me pictures or send me a photo through an Instagram message). We are creating a growing bulletin board about what we’ve been up to each day. We also have two challenges that are going to be posted on that same board as of Monday. (A reusable drink container challenge and an reusable bag challenge). Have an idea of something we could do for the 30 for 30 challenge or want to spend time with us outdoors at school? Please let me know! The “at school” challenge starts on Monday and will go for 30 school days and the “at home” challenge starts tomorrow (April 23) and goes until May 22

*Earth Day: The second part of the Ask Me question is about what you’ve done on Earth Day to be a difference maker. I know…not the greatest weather, but I hope you were able to come up with something. To be accountable (and maybe to inspire) here is what I did:

Hudson wanted to show you her “Earth” ball. Funny that she chose to play with it this morning (at 6:00 a.m.)

Then I had my LAST cup of coffee for 30 days (that story will come later). Notice that I used my reusable K cup?! That is because I didn’t want to use one that would be thrown away after. I used my own coffee grounds and then will wash and reuse this for next time…and yes I use my reusable Starbucks cup even when I am at home!

We bundled up and went for a walk. Hudson really wanted to enjoy a bit more snow. I just enjoyed the trick that Mother Nature played on us! The air was fresh and clean so there was noting to complain about!

I didn’t take photos of everything…but I also donated clothes to my Yoga studio who did a used clothing sale and all proceeds went to the David Suzuki foundation. I went to Yoga this morning where we made being grateful for our planet as part of our practice. I did NOT shower, do laundry or do dishes as an effort to save water. I only went to Yoga and did no other driving. I did not purchase anything today because I wanted to only eat food that I already had here. I cleaned my house using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. The pants I wore are from a company that plants trees with every purchase and my shirt was made in Canada (both that were gently worn, but not dirty!). I went without any lights/phone/computer/tv for an hour at two different times, along with really only using lights when needed throughout the day. I also tweeted a few things that I thought were important and wanted to spread the word! Throughout the day I really was trying to rethink how I used things, I reduced, reused, recycled and repeated. Overall I am pretty happy with my choices today. The best part is…most of this is stuff I do everyday. Sometimes my friends and family giggle at my efforts and say that it doesn’t really make a difference but they are wrong. I almost never use a plastic bag or use a paper coffee cup and if there are 10 or 100 to 1000 other people that commit to that too…we are totally making a difference!

Now it’s time for the coffee story! I told the class on Thursday that I was thinking of just drinking water for 30 days and asked them why I might do that. They instantly knew that by just drinking water in a reusable bottle that I already have I would save on the amount of recycling I’d have to do (from drink containers-especially when I am in the car for a long drive to Ontario I tend to pick up a Vitamin water or a gatorade) or from someone else picking me up a coffee without having my reusable cup, even the amount of juice jugs I would need to by or the resources it takes to have someone make me a coffee at Starbucks and most of all they added that it is the healthiest choice! The thing is…when you say something to kids…you have to do it! To be honest …I am going to do it, but with a few modifications. I am going to allow myself to drink tea that I already have (no new tea) and milk and maybe a cheat (like juice that is already at my house, but no individual containers). If anyone wants to join me in this challenge I will appreciate the company!!

This is exactly what makes me so excited. These kids get it. They can see the small differences these daily changes can make. They want to do something. They will do something. They will use their ideas and their voices to put plans into action and they have amazing parents to support them in every way possible. Thank you so much for all that you do 🙂

Haven’t got an idea for Earth Day?

-enjoy nature, rethink your choices (example: plastic bags vs reusable, paper cups vs reusable, which cleaning products you use, etc.), plant something, pick up garbage, unplug (don’t leave chargers plugged in when not needed, turn the tv/computer off for awhile, etc.), start recycling,  buy something local, close the fridge door, leaving a room…turn off the light, think about the water wasted when you brush your teeth and decide how you can use less, share an idea with a friend, make a commitment to make a change!

-On Instagram I posted a picture about Fort Whyte. Here it is again below in case you are looking for something to do. It’s free and looks like there is a lot going on.

A video I found on Twitter today:


Have any resources you’ve looked at and are worth sharing? Let me know!

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  1. Kristin Dulay

    This is also amazing! Xavier, his brother and I decided to spend the day outdoors enjoying the BEAUTIFUL layer of fresh snow. We walked to the Assiniboine Forrest to go for a nature stroll. We decided to walk all the way there and back instead of using our car and polluting the earth. We had a good 3 1/2 hour walk (a little prep for the Manitoba Marathon haha) We brought snacks in a reusable bag = ) Instead of getting Gatorade for Xavier’s basketball game on Sunday we filled his reusable Gatorade bottle with tap water = ) We recycle in our home and use reusable containers as much as we can. We trying to find more ways to be more environmentally friendly. Love the 30 minute challenge….. we enjoy being out doors (rain or shine) so we are definitely up for it!


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