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Summer Book Club Post 1-Reading Schedule

Good Evening Everyone!

Here is the timeline for our Summer Book Club!

*Mr. Stefaniuk wants you to know that he will also be joining our book club!!!!!

Summer Book Club: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Please Read…(up to and including) Date to Read by… Discussion Ideas… Comment by…
Chapters 1,2,3 July 7th What is your favourite part so far? July 10th
Chapters 4,5,6 July 14th What do you wonder? July 17th
Chapters 7,8,9 July 21st What connections can you make? (Text to text, text to self, text to world or text to media) July 24th
Chapters 10,11,12 July 28th Who is your favourite character and why? July 31st
Chapters 13,14,15 August 4th Would you want to be a wizard…why or why not? August 7th
Chapters 16,17,18 August 11th What kind of magic would you like to be able to do…and why? August 14th
Chapters 19,20 August 18th What makes J.K. Rowling’s books so interesting to read? August 21st
Chapters 21,22 August 25th Which Harry Potter book is your favourite and why? Will you continue to read (or reread the books?) August 28th
Final Comments September 1

*Thank you for your interest in our Summer Book Club. It is super great to hear how much interest we have in this idea. I appreciate you trying something new with me 😉

*The discussion ideas are just that…ideas! Feel free to comment on other topics 🙂 I will start the discussion post. It will be titled Chapters _,_,_ so you know which chapters we are commenting on. I will do my best to put the post up right after the “Date to Read By” so you will have lots of time to post a comment!

*You can post your comments on the blog or on our Instagram account (or both). I have a feeling that most people will end up using the blog (just an FYI)

*If you know of anyone else who might be interested in reading with us please pass on the blog address with them…it is open to the public ( By subscribing to the blog you will receive emails when there is a new post!

See you tomorrow (ahhhh I won’t be saying that for such a long time!!!!)

Until next time,


L.W.O.S.-Last Week of School!

Seems strange to say that this is the last official post of the school year!!!!…Well unless you are participating in our Summer Book Club and reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with us!! Communicating through the blog and Instagram will be an exciting way to remain connected. Just a little FYI-the 3rd instalment of the Harry Potter series is quite a bit longer than the first two AND there are slightly ‘darker’ characters. If you are not interested in reading Harry Potter with us and would rather read something else please let me know what you’ve decided to read. You can still pop by the book chat and see if anyone else has read the book(s) you are reading and maybe give a recommendation! On that note…We are starting to read right away so if you need to…please grab a copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban and be ready for our Room 123 Summer Book Club!

*On this last week of school we will have many things to finish up and clean up. Here is a quick rundown of the week…

-Monday (26): Last rehearsal for our Robert Munsch Reader’s Theatre

-Tuesday (27): Reader’s Theatre Presentations, Grade 6 Farewell (p.m.), report cards go home

-Wednesday (28): Final Math group with 122

-Thursday (29): Meet the Teacher 1:10 (students only) & Awards Day Assembly 2:30

-Friday (30): Happy Birthday Canada ‘parade’ 11:00, dismissal 11:30

Throughout the week we will be taking work home so it isn’t all being sent home on Friday!

*I hope that all of you who were able to join us for our Canada 150 celebration last Wednesday enjoyed yourselves. It was wonderful to see so many families and share what we have learned about Indigenous Languages and Culture as well as Residential Schools and Treaties.

I love the idea of the Heart Garden to symbolize Truth and Reconciliation. Beautiful and thoughtful messages were displayed as families planted as a community.

*If you were at the school that night I hope you had a chance to take a look at our self portraits. I think they turned out great!!!

*I found this photo online the other day and feel like it is a nice end of year…advice…teachable moment type of thing!

Have a great summer everyone! Thank you so much for following the blog and letting me try something new.

*If you are joining the book club…we’ll chat soon 😉

Until next time,


and Hudson!

Two Things!!

Hi Everyone!

Two things for today’s post!

I forgot to add this document from Ms. V about how to make a light build maraca at home. Some of the kids were interested in this idea so Ms. V has forwarded the instructions! She was very impressed with all the instruments that the kids made at school! Try it out and see what you can do!

Light Bulb Maraca

The second part of this post has to do with an invitation for students to participate in a Summer Book Club with me! The details will be emailed to all of the families in Room 123 tomorrow, but I wanted to plant some seeds right away!

This is the idea: We read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban together this summer! Some of the class was asking to read the third book in the series at school, but we’ve run out of time and also had other authors and genres to read. I’m thinking that this might be an interesting solution to our Harry Potter withdrawal!

Check your email tomorrow for more details!

P.S. If you get a chance come and see how our self portraits are turning out! They look fantastic!

AND turns out that I ran out of Home Reading sheets today (how embarrassing!) I will have more tomorrow but in the meantime if you’d rather print one off of here you can click on the Need An Extra tab on the homepage of the blog!

Until next time,


10. More. Days. Of. School…

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Here we are…only a few posts away from the last day of school!!!!

Here is a little recap of last week at school 🙂

*Gimli Field Trip: This was an awesome day. Really…it couldn’t have gone any better. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. We were able to build, play and explore…without seeing any algae in the water!




*Montrose Music Makers: Once again Room 123 showed just how creative we are! We are getting soooooo good at being makers and are really contributing to a maker culture in the school. Our instruments were pretty amazing!

*Canada 150: We have completed our final vertical team sessions and now students have rotated through all 4 stations (dance, drumming, drama and language). Mr. Okemaw came to help with the language and culture piece by teaching us some Cree words and a fun game! An email has gone out to all families to invite everyone to our Canada 150 celebration on Wednesday, June 21 from 6:00-8:00. The format is come and go, however there are some components that will be at a scheduled time. The opening will hopefully take place in the field (weather permitting) at 6:00. There will be a hoop dancer, heart garden, drumming/drama interactive piece, guest speakers, treaty display, bannock and lemonade. It will be a great evening. We hope to see you there! *Please note that you are invited to rotate through all stations since our students in Room 123 have only been part of the Language and Culture session and have not seen what the Treaty and Residential School sessions have been learning.

*Ask me…: This weekend’s Ask Me question is about our Canada 150 vertical team sessions. Please write or draw something about at least one of the activities 🙂

*Family Life/Safety will be wrapping up soon *Fractions and decimals are going strong  *Our self portraits are starting to come along and will be amazing! *We are going to do a super fun Which One Doesn’t Belong (I can’t wait to tell the kids!) *Robert Munsch Reader’s Theatre presentations will come up soon. They kids have been having so much fun rehearsing their lines and deciding what props they will need!

Finally…Happy Father’s Day out there to all the Daddios for tomorrow! I hope you enjoy the cards your children have made. They made them with you in mind!

Good luck to all the runners participating in the Manitoba Marathon tomorrow. If you feel like doing some cheering…yours truly will be doing the 3rd section of the relay which will start at Laura Secord School, go down Portage to Assiniboine Park and then onto Wellington Crescent before handing the relay belt to Ms V!

Until next time,




The final stretch!

Good morning and happy Sunday!  I am writing this post from SeaTac airport and realizing how I will not be enjoying the time change today! The alarm rang at 4:30 😩 and I won’t get home until 5:30! Oh well! It was all worth it to meet up some friends and experience a new city!! Seattle is a great city. The forecast looked gloomy but it only rained for about 10 minutes (of the whole trip)! One of the coolest things was the amount of Blue Jays fans in the crowd and all over the city. Everywhere we looked there was someone wearing that Blue Jay blue! I hope you could tell on tv just how many fans there were and how exciting it was to have so much support for Canada’s team! I think it is super cool that the whole country supports the Jays even though many fans live very far from Toronto! I saw a sign that read “We spell color without “u”! I thought it was a clever one and really showed some of the friendly 🇨🇦 vs 🇺🇸 banter!

I’ll try to rotate these pics later!

This gum walk was disgusting!

Space Needle!

Ice cream sandwich and a view!


Original Starbucks!!

Osuna Matata! Just before the Jays won!


Anyhoo…back to school! I’m sure things were great while I was away 🙂!! Tomorrow is our big field trip to Gimli! Please arrive on time because we are leaving at 9:00. The bus ride will be quite long (about 90 minutes) so we need to make sure everyone uses the washroom before the school bell rings at 8:55. We are asking that all students bring a litter-less lunch so we keep on track with our environmental responsibility and that everyone is dressed for the weather. We will be doing some fun activities that coincide with our enviro inquiry and celebrate a beautiful place we have in Canada that is so close to home. I’m sure it’ll be a great day.

Later on this week we will have our final vertical group Canada 150 session. All kids in 123,124 and 125 will rotate through the two remaining stations. Soon our Canada 150 celebration will also take place. Stay tuned for details!!

This week we will also display our research projects and share some of our knowledge to educate others. I’m sure our Montrose friends will be excited to hear from us! We will also continue with math groups and learning the Robert Munsch plays that we will present near the end of the school year.

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to start wrapping things up already!!

Looking forward to another great week at school!!

Until next time,


The Final Weeks!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Last week was another great week being your child’s teacher! I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting about how this year has been so positive for me. I truly feel so lucky to be part of such a great school community 🙂

-We have competed the sharing of our environmental solutions with each other. It was very interesting to see and hear how differently the class interpreted the task. Some of their minds went to mythical solutions, some went to blasting our problems to space, some had other animals helping us out and some went more practical like creating filters, writing letters, developing new water treatment facilities or working together to clean up. What they all had in common was…the BUT! Every solution had something that wouldn’t make it perfect. Maybe the “but” was that rocket ships were expensive to build and send to space or maybe it was that Justin Trudeau might not listen to what we here in Winnipeg had to say. The beauty of all of this was the creativity, the communication and collaboration between students, the critical thinking, the learning, the sharing, the passion! I really loved doing this project. I think it really helped us to think about our environmental responsibilities as Canadians and as people that rely on this planet to sustain life!

-One of our students has started a Garbage Picker Upper Club! It is easy to join…just go out into the community, pick up garbage, recycle what needs to be recycled and make our world a better place! Hudson and I joined! Another example of how what we learn at school is being brought home and then shared with others. 🙂

-Math: We have divided and conquered! Students have completed their division books and have learned that to divide means to share equally! We started from sharing objects into equal groups, then talked about the difference between number of sets and number in each set, learned about divisor, dividend and quotient, introduced what to do when you can’t share equally and have leftovers (which we call remainders) and worked on the relationship between multiplication and division with fact families. Grade 4s also dove into long division! Having recall for basic multiplication facts sure helps with division! The grade 3s have reviewed their answers as a group and now the grade 4s will do the same. We really like checking our work together so we can answer questions and do more examples if needed. Please make sure to have our work at school each day so we can either work on it or check the answers. Sometimes students want to work at home or need more time to complete pages which is good with me as long as we remember to bring the work back each day and that they fully understand the work before they go home 🙂 Next up…fractions!

-Ask Me…Question: A little late on the post but thank you so much for doing the Ask Me question over the weekend. We did an example with how students could research their topic with the topic of plastic straws (after I had read an article on Twitter about the danger of overusing drinking straws). We read through a few websites, found some interesting facts and talked about how to search what we wanted to know. We also talked about how it can be difficult to find facts that you can trust online. This is a skill that we all have to develop as we live in the age of technology! It was important to have the research done so we can plan out the poster that we will hang in the school. We will finish up the poster planning tomorrow so that students are ready to transfer their work to the actual poster board on Thursday and Friday. No facts=no poster 🙁

-30×30: We did it!!! Today was our 30th day of our 30 for 30 challenge! We were great! Rain or shine. Hot or cold. We made it outside for at least 30 extra minutes each day. Today we celebrated with a whole day (almost) outside. Thanks so much to our parent volunteers for transforming our ‘garden’ space. Check out the new view we have outside of Room 123!

 What a great before and after!

We will continue to go out as often as possible and experience the benefits that being outside has to offer!

-Field Trip Update: Reminder that our field trip to Gimli is coming up on Monday (June 12). Please dress for the weather!!! Bring lots of water to drink and we are asking that you bring a litterless lunch. We are going to spend the day outside and enjoy what Gimli has to offer. Throughout the day we will have activities such as: nature sketching, instant challenges, water education (regarding algae, litter, etc.), organized games, free time and a community walk. I am away on Thursday/Friday so please email me if you have an questions. We are leaving right at 9:00 on Monday so arrive at school on time!! Can’t wait!

Have a great rest of the week! I’ll try to post some pictures of my trip to Seattle to watch the Blue Jays!!

Until next time,