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Chapters 10, 11 &12

Hello again!

I hope this blog post is finding you well 🙂

I can’t believe how hot it is today! I think I better head back to the lake soon…Hudson agrees!!!!


It is also hard to believe that we are more than half way done the book!!! This week’s discussion is about favourite characters. As I read,  I thought about characters that I can relate to. First I was considering Hermoine because she is a “rule follower” and I really don’t like breaking rules! Then I thought about all the rules that Hermoine has technically broken and realized that she’s too much of a risk taker for me 😉Next I thought about Hagrid. Okay…I don’t see myself as a giant or anything…but I find him to be so loyal. He’d do anything for Dumbledore, Harry and Hogwarts. I find myself to be very loyal too. Maybe I am more like Professor McGonagall. She is fair, but can be strict 👩🏻‍🏫 It’s hard to choose. Maybe I need to think about this another way and choose someone I really admire for being completely different than me! Fred and George really crack me up 😂I’m sure they would make for very naughty students, but they are good for a laugh! However, I do know that there are a list of characters that I cannot relate to nor do I consider as my “favourite” by any means…They all seem to be from the Slytherin for some reason 😉

I’m very curious to hear who your favourite characters are and why you’ve chosen them to be your favourite. I wonder how many other readers are undecided like I am!

This is a sneak peek of some of the treats I saw online from @jennaraecakes. They are Golden Snitch macarons! I wonder what else they will have in stock?!

My friend Rachel made me this Harry Potter inspired cardigan. It has all the house crests! Pretty cool hey?!

Don’t forget to wish Harry a Happy Birthday on Monday, July 31st!

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Photo from 🇦🇺

Good Morning Everyone!

Here is the photo that Mr. Stefaniuk was talking about. How cool is it that he made a Harry Potter connection all the way from Australia?! 🇦🇺

Here is another Text to World Connection…I read on Instagram that they are celebrating Harry’s Birthday this weekend at Jenna Rae Cakes on Academy with some tasty treats. I’m going to try and make it there and pick up a macaroon or two! Anyone know how old Harry will be on July 31, 2017?! #MontroseSummerMath

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Chapters 7,8&9

Happy Friday Harry Potter fans!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading (or re-reading) chapters 7,8 & 9 . Before I read these chapters I went back to remind myself of what the book chat question was going to be this week. I’m glad I did because it helped me generate ideas as I read. This week’s theme is all about connections (as well as anything  else you’d like to post -other than spoilers that is 😉 As I read, I was reminded of reading to the class and having the students take turns with the ‘big book’. The new hardcover Harry Potter books that are being printed with full illustrations sure are gorgeous. I’m so excited that we all got to share the first two together and see how someone else interpreted the story. I sure hope they continue to put one out each holiday season!

I also really enjoying finding the small connections between the Harry Potter series and other books. Earlier in the year I read The Girl Who Drank the Moon…just because there was magic involved!

I can’t wait to hear about the connections to self, connections to text, connections to world and connections to media that you’ll want to share with us! Maybe it’ll be a memory or something new that the rest of us haven’t thought of yet. Thanks so much for connectIng with each other through the blog. I’m really interested in how you are finding this whole book club process so let me know!!!

My book pile!

Happy Reading ⚡️

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Chapters 4,5&6

Hi Fellow Book Club Members!

It was very exciting to read all your comments from the first 3 Chapters. I hope you are enjoying Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so far! Make sure you take time to read other people’s comments and feel free to comment again if you’d like! Maybe you want to ask a question or point something out. Let us know if you are reading the book alone or with a family member or friend, or where you are doing most of your reading. I think it’s so cool that we can all be in different locations and still be connected! Also-if you are reading any other books let us know…maybe you can recommend a good summer read to a friend, teacher or principal 😉

I’ll start us off on this week’s comment thread.

For me a wondering is a little different because I’ve read the series so many times that I’m not wondering what happens since I already know! I’m wondering how J.K. Rowling got her ideas. Did she work alone? Did she create a list of ideas as they came to her? How did she keep track of everything so all the details were consistent throughout the series? I wonder if she re-reads the series or maybe she doesn’t need to?! I wonder if any of the characters are based on her at all? So many wonderings…I could think about this for hours! Maybe you are wondering some of the same things!

Happy Reading 📖 Chat with you soon!

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Chapters 1,2&3

Hello my little Summer readers!!!

I hope you’ve all been finding time to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and are ready to make some comments!

I’ll start us off!!

My favourite part of re-reading the book so far is the feeling I get every time I pick up a Harry Potter book! It’s so exciting…even though I know what happens! I think each time I read the series I find something new . The magic of J.K. Rowling’s words just never gets old!

Please comment by July 10 and read chapters 4,5&6 by a July 14 ⚡️

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