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Chapters 13,14&15

Hello Again!

Well Hudson and I are back at the cabin and the heat is gone 😢 It’s raining and chilly here today. I guess we should’ve came last week when we were in the middle of a heat wave!

Anyway…back to the book chat! This week’s conversation starter is about whether or not you’d want to be a witch/wizard and why!

I think it’d be pretty cool to be a witch because you’d probably have a neat power. However…With power comes great responsibility! I’m sure there would be all sorts of rules about when and where you could use magic and who could know. It’d be really hard to keep it a secret from your friends and family (if you didn’t come from a wizard family and were scared you were going to freak everyone out if you told them you had special powers!!!). It also would be fun to go to a school like Hogwarts, but they are so far away from their homes for such a long time, so that too might be difficult (unless you were unfortunate like Harry and school was more of a home than is actual home). Maybe I feel undecided about whether I’d like to be a witch. I think I’d want to try it out and see first!!

I have a feeling that many of you would like to be a witch or wizard…can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time ⚡️