Daily Archives: August 11, 2017

Chapters 16,17&18

It’s Fri-Yay and time to get the ball rolling on our next book chat!!!

First things first…when I was dividing the book up into our reading schedule I did not really consider how we might feel near the end of the book. How many of you want to keep reading and are disappointed that I’ve asked you to stop at Chapter 18, then next time at Chspter 20?!?! How about this…you read what you want to read and comment without spoiling the book for everyone else. Sound good?! I know that when I finished Chapter 18 I totally wanted to finish it off (even though I’ve already read this book multiple times lol).

Anyway, this week we are kind of continuing our discussion on witchcraft and wizardry because I’ve asked you to share what kind of magical power you’d want and why!

Here’s my little list! I’ve thought that flying could be fun, but might freak people out pretty easily! Mind reading is just asking for trouble! Potions would be really fun if you love math and science experiments. Transfiguration would be pretty cool! Not too sure about divination…seems too inaccurate for me. Maybe just having an overall sense of magic would be best. Something you could use when you really need it! Something to make the world a better place 💙🌎

I can’t  wait to hear what you would want as a magical power!!!! Choose carefully my friends 🌂(Pretend that’s Hagrid’s pink “wand” 😉)

Hmmmm…what kind of magic power would Frankie want to have?!!

Until next time ⚡️