Daily Archives: September 3, 2017

Summer Book Club: Final Thoughts!!

I just wanted to touch base about our Summer Book Club one more time on here before I see you in person!!

I’d love for everyone who has read the book this summer to leave a comment about the book, the experience of being in a book club,about something else you’ve read over the holidays, or about something else you’d like to share!

I’ll go first! I have really enjoyed the book club for a few reasons… I have liked being connected to so many people even though we didn’t see each other! I like that we had an idea and made it work! I have liked watching you connect with each other! I have liked finding out that some of you are going to continue with the series. I have liked being accountable with my reading, knowing you were relying on me to make the blog posts!

I’ve read a few other books this summer…all of which seem to be for “kids”! Helen & I have been pre-reading books for the upcoming year! We are trying to find books that are exciting and hopefully new for most of the classes. There are a few that my “old grade fours” would probably enjoy, so if you are looking for a recommendation come and see me!!!

Thanks again for taking part in the Summer Book Club…anyone interested in doing another one?!

Until next time/See you on Wednesday 😉

Danielle ⚡️