Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend and have been able to reflect on many things to be grateful for ūüôā

I’m spending the weekend at the lake with my family…AND it’s beautiful outside, so I couldn’t be more thankful!

Reminder: There is no school on Monday, October 9. Tuesday will be school day 1!

Last Week At School:

-We finished the Fitzgerald-Trout book AND started our second read aloud book of the year! To help me choose what book to read I asked the class to write me a persuasive letter. The task was to provide reasons to convince me to choose the book that they were most excited about. The writing I received from the kids was A-MAZ-ING!!! Seriously…I couldn’t be more proud! There were strong cases for all 3 book choices but in the end the class was most interested in…

It makes sense to continue with the sequel because we have momentum from the last story! One student said that “the last book ended so abruptly that we need to read the second one!” We are about 30 pages in and so far it hasn’t disappointed us!

-We played a few rounds of Place Value Yahtzee. This is also a hit! Some kids are able to play on their own, some need to work with a partner and some need my support. I was really excited to find this game because I LOVE playing Yahtzee! It reminds me of my childhood at the cabin! For now we’ve modified the rules, but once there are more kids who are able to play without support we can either play as the game was intended OR create a version that works best for us! I will try to include the link when I’m working from a computer (it’s not cooperating from my phone right now)

-We did some provocations with Murray about Rocks and Minerals. There were many great questions that  came from the 6 stations Murray set up. Soon we will be deciding on what projects we want to work on!!

-The Ask Me…question for this weekend is about editing and rewriting a paragraph! Search for all 12 errors that need to be corrected, then copy the whole paragraph using printing that you are proud of. These will be two skills that we will be working on throughout the year. It is very important that writing can be read! On the back of the sheet are some reminders about how to form proper letters.

-Belong-a-Thon: On Friday we had an assembly about what we are calling a Belong-a-Thon! It will be similar to last year’s Traith-a-Thon. Students ask family members and close friends to sponsor them in the Belong-a-Thon, then they will be participating in events at school! There are prizes for the top fundraising class…so go Room 123!!!! Students will be able to win individual prizes too! For every $30 you raise your name will be entered into a draw for a long list of prizes!!! Let me know if you did not get the note on Friday. Happy Fundraising!!!!!!

What’s Happening Next Week?!

-We will continue to work on poetry. We’ve done colour poems and I think we’ll do some Haiku and freestyle poems next!!!

-We are continuing our work with place value in math. We are also looking at patterns…and integrating poetry with patterns too!!!

-We are going to take a look at some guided reading materials with some book about Rocks and Minerals.

-We are still working away in our WTW spelling groups! Reminder: students are doing final assessments at different times, depending on what their particular group is working on and the amount of time it takes them to complete the tasks. Their WTW leader will tell their group when it’s time to take the words home to practice with families and show why they are sorted in that way. Words will then stay at home because a new sort will start at school the next time the group meets!

-We will talk more about Genius Hour and what that will look like for our class. This is a new concept for all of us…including me! I’m excited to try this with the class and really get them doing a project that they are passionate about!

-It’s picture day on Tuesday!!!! Book orders are due on Tuesday too!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. See you on Tuesday.        

Until next time,


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