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Learn As We Go!


We only have 2 more weeks until the Winter break! That’s so unbelievably crazy! I’ll keep today’s post more about things we need to know to make sure we all know what to expect for the last two weeks of school!

-Ask Me… this week’s question had us trying something new! I posted the question as an activity in See Saw in hopes you’d be able to do it from home. We talked about how that might not work, but that we wouldn’t know if we didn’t try! Well…it didn’t work as planned! On my class app there is a spot for activities but that doesn’t appear to be on the family version. To fix the problem I have resent the question as a note that was put into everyone’s journal. I hope you see it…if not we will see if anyone remembers the question (about our experience with coding with Jon from the STEAM program). I think we will try this again next week so I can write more details for parents. Any thoughts?

-The Santa to a Senior program was a huge success! I was able to pick up 4 pairs of fuzzy socks with grips, 4 boxes of soft cookies, 2 types of body wash AND together with Room 122 we bought 6 boxes of Boost to help supplement the diet of seniors in this program. You were so generous! Thanks so, so, so much. Sarah is going to love our gift and the kind words from the children. I’ll be delivering all the gifts with Cathy after school on Monday 🙂

-We are currently writing in a “Gratitude Journal” as part of our mindfulness practice. We come in right after lunch and sit and write until 1:15. This is a time to reflect on what we have and how we show our gratitude. It’s a time to write. Not to focus on having perfect spelling and grammar. We haven’t decided if I will even read them yet. Sometimes it’s nice to write for ourselves and not worry about someone else being the audience. Thanks to Tamara for the idea!!

-The concert song is really coming together! The We Belong winter concert is going to be lovely!! I hope you’ve read the email about clothing and are able to wear the requested clothing for the concert. Please remember-if you do not have a tie (boys only) let me know and we will find one for you! Notes about tickets went home on Friday. If you did not receive a note please check your child’s backpack and/or ask for an extra at the office

-A second “yellow” note was sent home on Friday as well. It is about a bake sale happening and asks for volunteers for baking and possibly helping out. A student in 126 is doing this as part of her genius Hour project. Please let us know if you are able to bake or volunteer on that day!

-We are carolling!! If you’d like to join us with the next sing alongs…please do! Sing along dates are: December 11 @1:00 and December 21 @1:00

-Thanks again for all your support with See Saw. The kids love it when we post something and parents like and comment right away! We hope you enjoy the “Public Service Announcements” as much as we like sending them!

Until next time,


Take time to stop and smell the roses…or tree this holiday season!!