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One More Week Until Holidays!!

We are in the home stretch!!! One more week until everyone is hopefully able to take some time to rest and rejuvenate!

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming week!

Monday- Concert rehearsal is at 1:00. Please send your child in their concert clothes. Girls-white top and dark bottoms…Boys-white collared shirt, long neck tie (preferably-unless you only have a bow tie) and dark bottoms. No one has let me know that they don’t have a tie, so I have high hopes that we are all “good to go”. This was actually the Ask Me Question for the weekend. Your only task is to be ready for the rehearsal. No written response is required. If you’d like to leave me a note, feel free! I’ll still be checking the Home Reading folders!

Tuesday- Teija is having her bake sale to raise money for the Kiwi bird! (An email reminder was sent on Friday I believe)

Wednesday- Concert Day! Show times are 10:00, 1:30 and 7:00. Time is running out…get your ticket order forms in before it’s too late!!! I will not be in the classroom until 6:30 (before the evening show) so please don’t send your child until then

Thursday- It’s our final Sing-A-Long of the season! We meet at 1:00 in the gym…join us if you’d like!

Friday- PJ and movie day!! The 3/4 classes as well as Room 125 will be watching The Lion King to help prepare for the Circle of Life performance we are doing in February. Many kids aren’t familiar with the movie. I am super excited to watch it with them!!! Who am I kidding…I am also very excited to wear my PJs to school!!! It’ll be a great way to send us off into the holiday break!

Other things to note!

-Thank you again for being so generous with the Holiday Hampers and the Santa for a Senior initiatives. The families in our community who receive the hampers are overwhelmed with the generosity of the school. This weekend I spoke with a friend who volunteers sorting gifts for Santa to a Senior. She raves about the program and how much the gifts mean to the seniors. Even if the kids will never meet the seniors the truly make an impact with their cards, letters and gifts.

-I hope the kids told you about the Art that we purchased from the Painting for a Purpose program. They each wrote a letter to Kristi-Marie (who works for the CanU organization as well as bring an EA at our school). She was blown away with the kindness of your children. When I read the letters I was close to tears. These kids are such wonderful little humans and are going to change the world one day! They want to make the world a better place, whether it’s from giving food to those who need it, gifts and letters to people who are often feeling lonely or by encouraging me to make a donation in lieu of buying them a class gift. You should all be so proud!

-We are going to be making some kindness cards for each other this week. This is something we did last year and the kids were so excited to make a card and surprise one of their classmates!  I can’t wait to do this again! We will try to post the final products on See Saw!

Here we go! One more week! It’ll be busy…but wonderful!

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Until 2018!