Daily Archives: September 28, 2018

Week 4

Hello Families!

The final weekend in September…how did it get here so quickly?!

We’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks. Take a look at some of the things we’ve been working on!

-Read Aloud: We’re about half way through The Problem Children and we are eager to see what happens next!

-ELA: We’ve been focussed on our Letters to Danielle and working with Rooms 122 and 126 for our Common Learning Time. Over the past week we have been working on spelling high frequency words properly. We will continue to meet with our groups this upcoming week and then decide if we want to do one more week before assessing what we have learned.

-Math: We have Common Learning Time with 122 and 126 for Math too! Each group has been focusing on the concept of Place Value. Here is a great video explaining place value…with one exception: it is American and therefore they are using commas. Just ignore that and you’ll find a great explanation! The students have all seen this before, but it’s worth a second or third viewing if students need it.

Mathantics-Place Value Video

-Integrated Inquiry: We have been working with Murray with our “Pre Genius Hour” brainstorming. The kids will finish their sharing with him next week and we will be one step closer to choosing a project! We did a mini Genius Hour session today as we are thinking of ways to get us to Assiniboine Forest more often! We are thinking about the cost of the bus fare and what our alternatives could be. Our driftwood art pieces have been put on hold…just until next week! We have officially completed our Inquiry Log  covers, photos to come soon!

What do you see in these pieces of wood? An animal perhaps?!

-Friluftsliv: We had an amazing morning in the forest! The damp weather did NOT dampen our spirits! I hope you enjoyed the photos on Seesaw. Each student chose their own photos to share with you and recorded their own message about the field trip. We can’t wait to take them back to Assiniboine Forest! We’ve been pretty good about getting out to enjoy nature throughout September! Let’s see what October brings!!



-Terry Fox Run: We made it back from the forest just in time for our Terry Fox Run! Thank you for sending in your donations. It’s amazing to see Terry’s legacy live on.

-Orange Shirt Day: #EveryChildMatters. Today we read the Orange Shirt book. It is about a young girl named Phyllis and her experience within a Residential School. We had many discussions about Truth and Reconciliation today. Please feel free to continue the conversation at home.

Orange Shirt Day Video

What’s happening this upcoming week/month?!?

-We are calling this month WALK-tober and are asking families to walk to school! We will track how many students arrive at school by ‘foot’ (not by car or bus)! This bulletin board is looking a bit bare! I need your help! If anyone is up for it, can you create something to add to our board? It should ‘match’ the theme, and that’s about my only criteria!

-We will continue to work on our mindfulness practice. Taking a few minutes at 1:00 to resettle, refocus and spend a few moments actually “in the moment” has been great for the students.

-After seeing a neat post on Twitter, we have decided to get a class pumpkin and write the things we are thankful for. We have so many things to be grateful for. It is important to take the time and remember that.

-School picture day is on October 9!

-On Monday we are going to fill in our October calendar so we are all “in the know”. Please ensure that all purple folders are sent in on Monday so we can add the calendar to them. I think as a class we can do a better job at using our folders each day-you never know when we are going to send a note home. The folders will help us be more organized. IF your child needs a reading log please have them pick one up. Reminder: they can be found in the bottom of the mailboxes!

This week’s Ask Me question is…to talk about 3 highlights of the week. Please leave an oral or written comment on Seesaw below the Ask Me post.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy these last few days of September!

Until next time,