Week 7!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

I hope all my 123 kids had a fantastic Friday away from school yesterday…unless you were at daycare of course, then I hope you were able to do something extra fun!

Here is a glimpse of the past week and what’s coming up this week!!

-We started our new read aloud book: The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd. It’s interesting to read another book by the same author and see what similarities we can find!

-We’ve continued our Word of the Day, which has quickly become something we look forward to each morning

-Light/Sound Book Clubs are in full force! We are so fortunate to have Murray and Stacy work with us so we can have 10 small reading groups! The 3/4 students love being able to work with their peers from other classrooms and experience working with several different adults. I feel honoured to work such a collaborative team  🙂

-We will be transitioning from a place value focus to a pattern focus for a bit in math. We will continue to work on place value, but not each day. What kinds of patterns do you notice around your home or outside?!?

-On Tuesday the class had a whole day with Murray! Just a friendly reminder that I will be away on Day 6s as I facilitate Forest Exploration with the students of Montrose. Lori and I have been having a great time experiencing Assiniboine Forest with different groups of students! Murray’s next day in Room 123 will be Wednesday, October 24! We’ve decided that he will do some of our Genius Hour activities so make note of that on your timetable (Genius Hour could be on Day 6 or Day 1)

-Our narrative stories about our driftwood ‘animals’ are almost complete! Next week will be recording time. The kids are really excited to share their stories!!!

-October 23 is Global Maker Day! To celebrate we will have “Maker Time”  on Tuesday (from 10:45-12:00). The students will be able to choose a station, similar to how the Create-a-Thon was run. There will be four areas from the kids to choose: the library, 122, 123 and 126. We will ‘make’ and then change stations as needed and finally…clean up!

-Speaking of the Create-a-Thon…what a fun time! This week’s Ask Me question has been posted to Seesaw and is all about the kids’ favourite experience during the Create-a-Thon. Please continue to fundraise and then submit your money as soon as you can. Our time is almost up! Please remember that this fundraiser helps us to go on field trips (especially trips to the forest!) and purchase items for the classroom that help all students on their learning journey, so please try to raise the $30 (or more of course) if you can!!

-October 24 is Take Me Outside day! I’ll be in the forest with the 1/2 classes BUT I’ve already mentioned it to Murray, so I’m sure he’ll get everyone outside for a bit 😉

Some of the benefits of being outside include (but are not limited to):

getting exercise, reducing anxiety, building connections with other students and with nature, improving sleep quality, getting you some vitamin D, risk management and it really promotes happiness!

Challenge: Do something outside on Wednesday as a family (because being outside benefits ALL of us)!! If you have’t gone to the new playground…you should! We had a great time exploring on Thursday afternoon. It didn’t hurt that it was 23 degrees!

-There haven’t been any book orders submitted. If you want something but have not ordered, please let me know. If I don’t hear from anyone by Monday I will make an order for the classroom, but you won’t be able to order again until November.

-Halloween is coming…what should we do? I’m open to suggestions for a low key celebration during the afternoon of the 31 (‘witch’ 😉 is also when costumes are allowed at school). Snacks are a possibility if we stick to healthy choices, respect allergies (nuts for us this year) and don’t create a lot of waste. I really love Halloween but the one thing that bothers me so much is the amount of garbage that is produced from all the candy. Anyone else feel this way too?!

I think that is all for this weekend!

Just in time for the Jets game #GoJetsGo

Until next time,


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