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Happy Long Weekend!!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to share a bit about our week and the week ahead…

-Thank you for the Valentine’s Day treats! The class really enjoyed snacking and exchanging cards with each other 🙂

-We’ve completed round 2 of our Targeted Learning Cycle-one more to go then we will check in on the growth the students made. This gives you another week to practice math facts at home! In my opinion, the facts the students are most “stuck” on are:

-doubles to 20+20 (the facts in the teens: 16+16, 17+17, 18+18 and 19+19). How can you help?! Say “Name the double of 16” or create a few flashcards. Remind them that if they know 6+6=12, then 16+16 will also end in a “2” and that all doubles are even numbers!

-doubles +/-1 to 20+20 (the facts in the teens: 16+17, 17+18, 18+19). How can you help?! Say “What is 17+18?” If they can’t-ask what 17 doubled is and then add one more, or 18 doubled then subtract one. Make flashcards for the ones that they don’t know. Remind them that all “near doubles” are odd numbers. Mix up the order in the questions you ask: 17+____=35 instead of always asking 17+18=+____!

-compatible numbers to 50 & to 100 (using a benchmark will help. For example: if you know that 20+30=50 then you can use that to help you with the compatible for 18. 18 is two less than twenty so its compatible is two more than thirty: 18+32). How can you help?! Give them the total (either all the 50s or all the 100s). Say “Compatible numbers to 50. If I have 35, you have what?” They can answer you and then ask you the next one!

-solving the fact when the ‘unknown’ is not simply the ‘answer’ (we are most comfortable with solving the equation and having the answer (sum or difference) be what is asked of us). For example: _____-8=3. The ‘unknown’ is actually the “whole”. Many students are solving this as 5 (because they are thinking of it as 8-3), but that is not what the question is asking. To find the ‘unknown’ students can think of this as something minus 8 equals 3 OR what does 8+3 equal? Understanding fact families will really help with these questions.

Fact Family: 3 numbers that can provide you with 2 addition statements and 2 subtraction statements!






This is based on the part, part, whole way of thinking. P+P=W (2 addition statements) and

W-P=P (2 subtraction statements). 11 is the whole in the above example because it is the total, 3 is one part and 8 is the other part!

How can you help?! Ask your child about what part, part whole means. Ask them what a fact family is. Create a fact family with one unknown (we usually use the shape of a triangle and have the whole on top and the parts in each corner). Switch up where the unknown is and ask what the question would be!

*Ask your children which questions they are ‘stuck’ on and go from there. If they already have developed instant recall for facts, just work on the those facts that still require extra practice!

-We are multiplying! Grade 3s and 4s always seem to be very excited about multiplication. So far we know that “Factor X factor = the Product”, that when either factor is 0 then the product is also 0, any factor that is 1 will have a product of the ‘other factor’, and any factor of 2 is just asking you what the double of the other factor is! We know that repeated addition and arrays are two strategies for multiplication and soon we will have a giant array example in the room!!!

Multiplication Song!

-We have completed our final dance rehearsal! We will perform, record and upload to Seesaw on Tuesday! Some of the groups wanted to dress similar to each other-if your child mentions they have to wear something in particular…that’s why! I’m very excited for the sharing…you should be too because they are great!!

-We’ve worked a bit on some homophones that we always seem to mix up! For example: there, their and they’re, it’s and its and to, too and two. Do a check in at home to see how your child is doing! Example:Say “I’m looking over there!” and ask how to spell there! They quite like this ‘game’. Next on our list is which and witch!

-All of our Ancient Civilization writing is done!! I think we will have the kids read their work on Seesaw for you. They did a great job and are really putting what they’ve learned about introductions, paragraphs and conclusions into use!!

-We’ve only got about 1/3 of the Love Letter to My Favourite Books uploaded to Seesaw. More filing and posting to come this week!

-So far A Snicker of Magic is a hit! What will happen to “Flea” and “the Beedle” in Midnight Gulch?!


Enjoy your long weekend! I ended up getting away to Duluth…it’s like -7 here and actually feels very, very warm!!

See you on Tuesday!

Until next time,