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Last Week of February!

Hello Everyone!

And just like that it’s the end of February!! Here is to hoping that March brings warmer weather and a lot less snow!

Even though last week was a short week…it seems like it was just as busy as a full week!! Here is a little recap and what to expect for next week!

-Our second round of our Targeted Learning Cycle is now complete! The students are really looking forward to hearing about their growth. Thanks so much for taking some extra time at home to help with basic math facts. Areas to continue working on are: doubles (16 through 19), compatible numbers to 50 and 100 and solving equations with an unknown that is not asking for the answer. The students’ writing has improved tremendously! They are much more knowledgeable of introducing the topic, creating paragraphs and using a conclusion to end their work. Great job grade 3/4s!!

-As our study of Ancient Civilizations is coming to an end we are busy creating structures that represent something of significance for each student. Thank you for sending in some extra supplies for us. As of now it looks like we have what we need to complete our task! We have enjoyed tying in what we have learned about Ancient Civilizations with structures and materials. There has been planning, designing, testing of materials, changing of materials, asking each other for advice about durability and strength, etc.. In the end we are going to have some great representations of some important historical structures! *On Tuesday Murray will be taking the class to the library where they will have more space to paint and work. If you are concerned about paint getting onto clothing, check with your child to see if they plan on painting on Tuesday!

-Murray will be doing Genius Hour with the class on Tuesday as well 🙂

-We have been working on a narrative piece that is based on our Ancient Civilization as well. Students will have a fiction and a non fiction piece of writing to go with their projects. We can’t wait to share everything with you…at Student Led Conference time!!!!

-Multiplication has been going quite well! Sometimes arrays can seem ‘tricky’ but with a bit more practice we will have it all figured out!! If you are wanting to work on facts at home a good place to start is…0, 1, 2, 10 and 5 facts!

Multiplication Mash Up Song (YouTube)

-On Friday afternoon we had an amazing contemporary dance performance. I hope the kids had lots to say about that experience!! They made me exhausted just watching! I can’t imagine putting in 8 hour days at a school of dance!! Those dancers have extraordinary stamina and talents.

-This is our last week of Flossing February!! How has your flossing been going?! I like being held accountable and I’ve been excellent at remembering to floss daily! We are having a special guest come to talk to us about dental health on March 4!!

-Also-March is Nutrition Month and we look forward to talking about the impact of the choices we make!!

-We are still enjoying A Snicker of Magic! Now we know more about the Beedle, the history of Stone and Berry Weatherly and are looking forward to learning more about the magic within the town of Midnight Gulch!

-Reminder: There is NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!


Have a great Sunday!


Until next time,