Spring Ahead!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all remembered to change your clocks ahead this morning! It’s funny how one hour can mix up your entire daily schedule! I will enjoy that extra daylight in the evening, but will sure miss it in the morning! Well…soon enough we will have plenty of sunshine in the morning and evening!!

Here is a quick note to tell you about this upcoming week. It’ll be a short but busy week!

-Monday: It’s painting day! The kids will be painting objects from the Ancient Civilization they have studied. Note: we will be using acrylic paints, so please either wear or send in clothes that you don’t mind getting messy! We try our best to stay clean, but you never know! *Some students have brought their Inquiry Logs to do their sketches so they can maximize their painting time tomorrow. Please make sure any Inquiry Logs that have been taken home are returned to school tomorrow 🙂

-Report cards will be sent home tomorrow…along with conference times. If the appointment time you have been given doesn’t work, please call the office to make a change.

-Tuesday: We are making information cards for the structures we’ve made. *Some students have brought their Inquiry Logs to do their research so they can maximize their time to make the cards on Tuesday. Please make sure any Inquiry Logs that have been taken home are returned to school tomorrow 🙂 Anyone who hasn’t finished their structure will have a bit more time to finish up any last details.

-Wednesday: Some students have brought their Writer’s Notebooks home to finish up the typing of their narrative stories (using Google Docs). This needs to be completed by Wednesday because we will be printing these stories out for you to read at our conferences! If your child is not able to finish this task at home there will still be some time available at school, but everyone should be getting pretty close to being finished.

-Wednesday will be a “ketchup” day to make sure we are ready for conferences on Thursday/Friday!

-Thursday: Students were given a blue field trip note last week…because we are going to Assiniboine Forest with our Vertical Team (rooms 124 & 125). The weather looks promising, but let’s keep our fingers crossed just in case!

-Conferences begin at 4:00 on Thursday and continue through the evening and all day on Friday. Conference reminders: These are student lead, meaning that they are 30 minutes in length and your child will be taking you on a learning journey! There are up to four families in the room at a time and there will be no one on one sit down opportunities at these appointments. It also means there is no school on Friday!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

Have a great Sunday evening…#GoJetsGO!

Until next time,


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