Spring Has Sprung…Right?!

Hello Everyone!

Please tell me that was the last snow we’ll see until late fall!!! I think we are all ready for sone warm weather and all the new life that this time of year brings 🙂

Well…we’ve been busy over the past few weeks since coming back from the break. Although I’m sure no one is surprised by that!! Here’s what we’ve been up to!!

-We started reading The One and Only Ivan as our next read aloud book. Ask your child what it’s about and their impressions of the book so far. Is anyone reading any good books together at home?!

-We are in our third round of our common learning time with rooms 122&126. Our ELA target is editing/conventions in writing and our math targets are fraction/decimals (and some rote counting for those students who require extra practice). We meet 3 times per cycle and have the students split into four groups. At the end of our cycle we will reassess the students and celebrate their growth!

-We’ve had some more fun with Zen-tangles! Early next week we will share our Zen-tangle eggs with you!

-We have begun our next two inquiries!! One is all about an upcoming Earth Day Challenge and the other is about communities around the world and how we are all interconnected!

-Earth Day…stay tuned for details about what our young environmentalists have planned for our class and fellow Montrosians! We hope it also inspires you at home and the whole school community!!

-We started book clubs this week too! The class has been broken into four groups and are learning about four different countries! As we finish with one book/country we will begin another! These books are already showing us the similarities and differences of our lives here in Winnipeg and the countries represented in the books!

-We are trying REALLY hard to support our Jets! We wear white/team jerseys on game days, we talk strategies and statistics and our final push is to make a school bulletin board complete with our own player drawings! Once we are finished on Monday I’ll send a photograph so you can see the board if you can’t make it to the school to see it in person!

What’s Happening Next Week:

-We will be doing some painting on Monday in preparation for our Earth Day inspired bulletin board that our “bulletin board committee” has designed!

-We will work on List 2 of the ‘third hundred’ Fry words. List 1 from the ‘third hundred’ was our best assessment so far! The first and second hundred words are words that we should already know how to spell so we spent less time practicing them at school. With the third list, the time we spent working at school and then the kids taking the words they felt they needed more practice with home was well spent! I will assess the students during the week of April 22. At the end of the ‘third hundred words’ I will create a list of words each student spelled incorrectly, have them practice at home and school then individually reassess each student.

-We are “destroying”…okay that’s an intense word!!…the shirts you’ve sent in to create “Hooligan costumes”.  IF you have not sent in a shirt please do so ASAP or let me know if you need a shirt so I can find one! We will tackle this project on Wednesday morning. If anyone would like to come in and help let me know!!! Also-if you are concerned about paint getting on clothing, please consider that when your kids get dressed in the morning!!

-On Thursday we are having a special visitor! Willow the bunny is spending the day with us in Room 123. If you have any concerns please let me know!

-Notes about Fun Lunch and the Musical were sent home last week. If you didn’t receive these notes, there is a good chance that your child has left the notes in their mailbox and perhaps your reminders in addition to mine will help them remember to use the mailbox as a tool to be organized with their school to home communication!

-Reminder that there is no school on Friday

Have a great rest of your weekend! Let’s hope that the Jets have better luck in St. Louis!

Until next time,


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