Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Just a quick post about our busy week last week and our busy upcoming week as well!!


-Willow was a great classroom visitor! She inspired us as we wrote, kept us company while we worked and really got us into the spirit of spring!

Turns out taking a photo of a moving bunny isn’t that easy!!

-We are ready to be hooligans for the musical!! The shirts are looking “bad” in a great way 😉

-We are getting close to finishing our first country study during Book Clubs. We have some good ideas to celebrate the culture of these countries…stay tuned!

-Our common learning groups have been going really well. We are about half way through our lessons and can already say we’ve had lots of practice with editing and fractions/decimals!

-We have been practicing a lot of Friluftsliv lately! It’s been so beautiful out and we can’t get enough of being outside! We hope that you’ve been able to get outside after school too!!

-We are ready for Earth Day!! The kids have done a great job thinking of ways to celebrate our environment…not only for one day but for 30! We are calling it Earth Day & Beyond!

This leads into what’s happening next week!!

-Our 30 Day Challenge officially starts on Monday (Earth Day). Each class in the school has been invited to join us in a BINGO type game. There are 25 different challenges to do. There are also some great prizes to win! Room 123 will participate in the challenge, but not for a prize because we will actually be the ones organizing all the prizes anyway! We have 30 days worth of announcements to inspire the students and staff in our school and we will soon have a beautiful bulletin board on display outside of our classroom! Well done everyone!! Let’s make everyday Early Day!

-Monday is also the dress rehearsal for Giants in the Sky! Dress rehearsal starts at 1:00. Our shirts are already at school, but based on where the students cut the holes they may also need to wear another shirt underneath. Please wear or send in the jeans (preferably or the bottoms that you have picked out) that kids are wearing for the musical as well. We will be wearing some sort of makeup for the shows and on Monday we will do a few kids as a trial. If you have any questions or concerns about the makeup (or anything else) please let me know.  If you don’t have tickets for the show(s) yet then be sure to get those ASAP! Reminder: Show times are 10:00, 1:30 and 7:00 🙂

-We will still have time to do common learning times, book clubs and Friluftsliv too!!

-There is no school on Friday!

Enjoy your weekend being outside! I’ve already had coffee and breakfast on the deck, helped build a fence at the farm, explored part of the forest behind my mom’s house and had an egg drop competition…and it’s only 12:30 on Saturday!

Hudson is checking out my egg drop submission for our contest…I tied for second place (along with 4 other members of my family!)

Until Next Time,





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