9 Weeks Left!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I just realized that there are only 9 weeks of school left!! Wow! That’s seems impossible! Don’t worry though…We still have lots of great learning to do!

Last week at school:

-We celebrated Earth Day…Room 123 style!

Our bulletin board is complete (AND looks amazing!), Friluftsliv Bingo is in full force, the environmental egg hunt was prepared and later executed for 3 classes and we got our 30 days of environmental announcements started! We also got an extra long recess after the dress rehearsal on Monday (Earth Day)!

Room 123 you continue to be an inspiration to others!!!


*Below is a photo to spark an environmental conversation at home…

What are your thoughts about a can of pop being wrapped in plastic in a plastic tray at a grocery store?

-We had 3 Giants in the Sky performances AND were an amazing choir to support the main cast! Congratulations on a job well done 😊

-We had a check in for our common learning groups and will have an opportunity to review the areas that still need some attention before our final assessment next Friday

Looking for ways to help at home?! Try working through simple sentences to create a short paragraph and eliminate or misuse punctuation, capitals and contraction words!

-We did not get any book clubs done unfortunately, but we will get some extra time for them next week

-We finished The One and Only Ivan!!! Try having a conversation at home about our daily read aloud. Ask your child what he/she thought of the book. Ask about the main characters, the problem, the moral of the story, etc. This can help with comprehension which is as we know, so important when we read 😊

-We started to formally practice some division!

-We participated in an Earth Day inspired Friluftsliv where we took our buddies to a community park

-We got Friday off…the kids did at least 😉

Next up!

-Monday is our Vertical Team day to celebrate the great things we do at Montrose and the important beliefs we have by learning more about our new treaty. Students will rotate through 3 stations and then do a whole school activity outside (if the weather cooperates!)

-I promise to get to books clubs! We will possibly finish one book then we will focus on some interactive activities to represent and share our learning!

-We will start a new read aloud book called: Front Desk

-We will continue to work on division and on making the connections to multiplication (and fractions too!)

-On Friday we are back in the forest!! It’s actually our final forest visit of the year. We will go with our vertical team (124&125) again. It’ll be out 5th class visit to Assiniboine Forest this school year!! It’s great to see and hear how our young Montrosians appreciate nature and have embraced Friluftsliv this year.

Kids that love and respect nature become adults that love and respect nature ❤️

Looking forward to another wonderful week at school!

Until next time,


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