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Moving Into October!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

When I woke up at saw that it was only 1 degree out this morning I thought about how I am not prepared for the weather to change! There are parts of fall that I love….the layers, the scarves, digging out some of those warmer clothes and boots that have been packed away, but the brisk mornings are hard to get used to! I will need to be extra motivated to take Hudson for a walk before school moving forward! However, it turned out to be a gorgeous fall day and I hope you were all able to enjoy it

Let’s take a look at what we did at school this week:

-We are more than half way through Bat and the Waiting Game AND one of our students found out there IS a third book in the series! We will have to see if we want to read Bat and the End of Everything as a class, or maybe we’ll have a mini book club within the class. I do know that reading and discussing our read aloud books has helped the students to understand and appreciate other people’s differences. I have noticed students being more active with including others in their play and some kids are forming a “kindness club” at recess to check in on kids who look sad or lonely.

-We’ve had our first two Common Learning Sessions with 122 & 126! Our third and final session of the first rotation will take place on Monday. Round two was planned for Wednesday, but with our upcoming field trip we will have to reschedule!

-Thank you for getting field trip permission slips signed and returned so quickly! We are hoping that the final slips will be returned on Monday and we will be ready to go for Wednesday!

-We had our first visit to the library! Our library time will be on Day 4 at 9:00, so please have books that need to be returned ready to go for then (or before). There are a few students who need to return books from last year. Please take a look at home and see if you can find them! I’ve spoken to each student who has outstanding books and they all seem to know where the books might be. I can also print out a copy of the missing books if that is required.

-We are continuing our work with place value and representing numbers in standard and non standard ways. Want to practice at home?!

Give your child an amount of money to represent (example: $547 OR $5.47). Ask them how they could make that amount using the fewest amount of bills/coins (standard) and then ask them other ways they can represent that amount of money (non standard).

Example: $547 could be represented with five $100 bills, two $20 bills, one $5 bill and a toonie (standard), but also with four $100 bills, five $20 bills, four $10 bills and seven loonies (non standard)! 

Example: $5.47 could be represented with one $5 bill, one quarter, two dimes and two pennies (standard), but also with two toonies, five quarters, four nickels and two pennies (non standard)!

Give it a try!

-We wrote some Haiku poems about Fall (while being outside for Friluftsliv with Erin) and about any other topic we wanted (the next day in class). Haikus are fun to write and serve as a good reminder about syllables! Can you write a Haiku poem together at home?! Just remember

Line 1=5 syllables

Line 2=7 syllables

Line 3=5 syllables


It’s finally fall

Leaves are changing and falling

Fall is here to stay!


-We had a fantastic Friluftsliv Friday! When the students wrote me a persuasive letter a few weeks ago I told them I would read them all and choose to do something I was persuaded by! The most persuasive letter was a visit to Pan Am Park with room 122! Friday was a perfect day to head over to the park! The students had a blast playing on the structure. We also spent time with Erin exploring with dance outside. It is really important for us to spend lots of time outside and understand that we can learn a lot while we are out there! We use the outdoors as an extension of our physical school building and will never take our outdoor space for granted 🙂 *This is what our Ask Me question on Seesaw is all about this weekend. Be sure to check it out and post your response!

-You may have noticed a few extra Seesaw posts this week! Each month we post (or try to post) a reading and writing sample on Seesaw. This serves as a portfolio piece because we can see and hear the growth we make as we learn and practice our skills. It is really important for students to read orally. If they only read in their head they will not know when they are making errors. Hearing the students read might help you decide if what they read is not at an appropriate level, or if they need to work on fluency or expression. Have a listen on a regular basis!

What’s happening next week…

-Monday is our annual Terry Fox Run! (Please see the email Jocelyn sent out last week for full details.) We are asking the students to donate $1 to the Terry Fox Foundation…so if you are able,  please send in your donations on Monday. If you’d like to join us please feel free! The run will take place around 11:15/11:30 and last until about 12:00. On Friday we had a discussion about Terry and how his determination has led to amazing things for cancer research. Terry Fox will always be a Canadian HERO!

Terry Fox Heritage Minute Video

-Monday is also Orange Shirt Day. On Friday we read The Orange Shirt Story and When I Was Eight and talked about the reason we have Orange shirt day. We talked about what Truth and Reconciliation means and the very important message that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

Phyllis Webstad Orange Shirt Day Presentation Video

-Wednesday is FIELD TRIP DAY! Please remember that we are leaving at 8:45. Students should arrive around 8:35 (the classroom will be open then) and make sure to use the washroom before we go. The bus ride will be long…but worth it! If we need to, we can make a bathroom stop along the way. Students will need to bring their backpacks and wear clothing to be outside all day. We ask that students bring a litter-less lunch so the impact we make is as little as possible. This will be my first visit to the Petroforms AND I’m very excited 🙂

-We will continue working with 122 & 126 for Common Learning Times. After 3 sessions the groups will rotate to a different adult and work on a different target (for another 3 sessions).

-The October book order will be sent home next week!

I think that is all for now!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Until next time,

Danielle (& Hudson)

This Week in 123!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

It was great to see so many new subscribers to the blog site. Welcome to our weekend meeting place!

This Week At School:

-We had our first opportunity to meet our grade 1/2 learning buddies. Throughout the year we will do many different activities with our buddies such as reading, writing, outdoor learning, games and more!

-We’ve been having a great time learning about the Performing Arts with Erin. Performing Arts includes music, drama and dance. As a FYI we are using the term Performing Arts instead of Music

-We finished A Boy Called Bat and started on Bat and the Waiting Game. The students voted via the Ask Me question on Seesaw and 100% of the vote went to reading the sequel! I think we are all excited to see what happens to Bat’s skunk kit named Thor. We wrote book recommendations to people we thought might enjoy reading about Bat too. This is a good way to practice our persuasive writing skills!

-We have been working on understanding place value. For some students this is a review and for others it’s a new concept. To help solidity these concepts we watched a Math Antics video. Whether this is the first, second or even third time seeing this short tutorial there is something new or something to be reminded if. *Note: “Rob” talks about using a comma to separate numbers, but we talked about how in Canada we do not (we leave a small space instead). Math Antics has many different videos that are helpful to explain Math concepts if you are interested in checking them out. We like to use some of them throughout the year! *Link to video is above!

-We finally finished our Inquiry Log covers!!! The students are excited to show you them at Meet the Staff on Monday evening! We will also post the pictures to Seesaw later on next week (after you get a chance to see them in person!)

As you can see we’ve had a busy, but great week!

Whats Happening Next Week:

-Monday is Meet the Staff! Hope to see you there 😊

-Tuesday is a Friluftsliv day with Erin. The forecast looks like rain, so be sure to dress for the weather. We intend to go outside unless there is a safety risk due to the weather.

We like to say..

-We should get through quite a bit of Bat and the Waiting Game this week. The class is interested in writing a letter to the author, Elana K. Arnold, to see if she has considered writing a third book. However, the end of the book might give us a clue whether there could be another book coming, or she wanted the story to end after two books. We will see!!

-The 3/4 team is starting our Common Learning Times. This is where we mix up the students in the three classes and rotate the groups through different targeted areas of instruction. We will do math from 9:30-10:00 and ELA from 10:00-10:30. Our targets this session are: patterns, equality, representing numbers and mental math strategies and writing traits (ideas, word choice, conventions and presentation). This first session will take us to about the end of October. I’m looking forward to building community between the 3/4 students and teaching staff!

-Our poetry unit will continue and we will explore different styles of poems. I’m always impressed by our young poets!!

-Our first inquiry about rocks and minerals and their connections to the earth will begin soon!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Danielle (and Hudson!)

Happy New Year!


If it is your first visit to the class blog site…Welcome! If you’ve visited before…Welcome back!

This is just a quick post to let you know what to expect on the blog…

-I try my best to post each weekend about the week ahead

-This is a place for us to connect between home and school, where I can go into a little more detail

-I like to post helpful links, photos of our work, but since it’s an open site I will not include photos of the students

-The blog acts as a portfolio for myself as well! I can look back on what we’ve done from year to year

-It is an opportunity for me to demonstrate purposeful writing for the class

If you would like to subscribe to the blog and get an email notification when there is a new post…please feel free! It would be great to read the posts as a family as it can act as a conversation starter about things happening at school!

Until next time,