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First Week of the 2018-2019 School Year!

Hello Families of Room 123!

If you have been part of the Summer Book Club and are not in Room 123 you may want to unsubscribe from the blog now! You are more than welcome to stay part of our community, just know that most of what is posted will be about what is happening in 123! I will be in communication with families of students who have read the book about an upcoming celebration:)

Well we made it through the first few days of school! It’s hard to believe that I’m back to blogging for a new school year! As I type I have my sidekick sitting with me…I’m thinking about changing my name to Blog With My Dog! I guess she just wants in on the action!

Here is a little overview of our first week!

-We got used to our new classroom community, including welcoming 3 new friends to our school

-We started our first read aloud book!

-We learned a new word ‘friluftsliv’…it’s a Norwegian term for “open air living”. More to come about friluftsliv…it’s going to be great! We are going to see how many days we can spend time outside throughout the school year and track that! Any predictions?!

-The Communication Folders were sent home. Please send the folders back each day. If there is a note for me, students will place their folder in the “Hand In Bin” and if not, they will put the folders straight in their personal mailbox. If there are notes to go home we will put them in the mailbox and the students will add them to the communication folder before they go home. It is an attempt to keep everything a little more organized! Also-due to a lack in full class participation of book logging we are asking students/families to let us know if you want the logging sheets. Students are asked to write a book recommendation each time they finish reading a book. We will add the recommendations to our classroom book recommendation binder for the kids to use when they are stuck on what they should read next. Need an example of a recommendation? Let me know!

-The Number Puzzle Helper books have been sent home. We have similar books at school that we will work on, so these books are just for at home practice as you see fit. Try to do one per week. These puzzles may be new to your child. The grade 3s did an example with me on Friday and we will do another one together this upcoming week. The new grade 4s worked with a buddy on Friday and can do this again or see me with their next puzzle

-We have completed our first 3 writing assessments and our spelling inventory! The students were troopers during this assessment time!

-The September book order has been sent home. Orders are due by September 20. Ordering online is the easiest method for me, but I am more than willing to submit your order for you as well

-Ask Me question is up on Seesaw! The question is: “Ask me to comment about the first week of school!” You can have your child comment using your parent account. He/she can type a comment or record a comment. I love reading/hearing the comments. Great job! Aren’t on Seesaw yet? Please see me for your personalized QR code and an overview of how it works! Please note that the QR code works for more than one family member.


What’s Happening Next Week?

-More reading, more writing, more math, more friluftsliv, more fun!

-Information about an upcoming field trip will be sent home

-I will be away on Friday to attend the MB Nature Summit (Friday and Saturday)

-Sunday is the Terry Fox run! Hudson and I will be there! Let me know if you and your family plan on attending. It would be awesome to get a group picture taken before the walk/run!

Terry Fox Run Assiniboine Park

I hope you all are ready for a really great year in Room 123!

Until next time,