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Hungry?? Want some Algae?!

Today we had a great time with our guest presenter. Maddy is a Scientist who has a passion for algae!!! She brought in some samples for us to see and compare to some slides she had in her presentation. Maddy even brought us some edible algae to try! 4/24 enjoyed our snack! I was  NOT one of them lol!

One very important thing we learned was that not all algae is bad…in fact algae is an important part of a balanced Eco system!

Tomorrow we have two more presentatons! What a great week for learning!!!!

Check out our Instagram account for more pictures and a video of our reaction to eating the algae!


(if you don’t have an Instagram account see Danielle for help signing up :))

Until next time!


In Like a Lion?!

Can you believe that it will be March 1st this upcoming week? They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb…well let’s see!

Last week felt like it zoomed by! It’s nice to start the week off with a holiday, but then it seems like we never have enough time to do everything we want to do! I don’t know how many students asked me about having school tomorrow (which was actually today-which is Saturday…I double checked that it really is Saturday right now lol). So I guess that they felt like the week went by quickly too!

Last Week At A Glance:

Math/Ask Me Question- This week we worked through some 2,3,4 digit addition and subtraction questions as well as some multiplication. The Ask Me.. question was meant for you to see how your child is doing with multi digit addition and subtraction questions. There were 10 questions to be copied off the board. We talked about how it is so important to copy the question accurately and neatly. How the place value columns need to line up so you are adding or subtracting the ones from the ones, the tens from the tens, etc. We talked about how I could have given a photocopy of the questions to answer, but writing things down from the board is a skill that we need to learn too.

This is a picture of the questions (slightly blurry-my apologies). I thought I would post in case you needed to see them while you were working through the problems at home 🙂

Students are working on checking to see when they need to regroup (for addition and subtraction) as well as checking to see if the question is asking them to add or subtract (so many of us are not looking closely at the question before starting to answer). BONUS 1 was asking them to take the problem 321-123 and not answer it, but show what it would look like once they have regrouped the question. Let’s take a look through pictures 🙂

This is what the question will look like once everything has been regrouped.

Unsure of where these numbers came from? See picture below!

It’s all about the place value!

We talk about Standard and Non Standard a lot. This is what that means. Standard is the ‘easiest’ way to represent numbers. It’s how we would normally write a number down. Non Standard are all the other ways to represent a number. In this example we are using 2 (hundreds), 11 (tens), 11 (ones) because that is what we would use when we are regrouping during subtraction.

This is how we would use the regrouped “321” to answer the question 321-123.

You can check your subtraction question by changing it into an addition question! This is where the idea of fact families comes back! We check our work to make sure that we did it correctly! This was Bonus 2 (to go back and check your work by changing it to either an addition question or a subtraction question and making sure you still have the same 3 numbers from the original fact families!

Three numbers, one fact family and four number sentences!

How did we get 4 sentences?! Think of the 3 numbers in the fact family as been 1) the Whole 2) one Part 3) another Part

I hope that helps fill you in with how we are working through these problems at school.

Instagram-Thanks for your continued interest with our classroom Instagram account. It’s been fun sharing parts of our day with you! If you have yet to follow us…please do! Find as.easy.as.123 on Instagram and request to follow us. Then I’ll hook you up 😉 If you do not have an Instagram account, but would like to follow us, you can sign up for a free account. Need help or have questions? Let me know!

What’s Up This Week?!?

-Scholastic Book orders SHOULD be here soon. NO idea why it has bee so slow. I’ve rechecked and our order has been shipped. I know everyone is excited to get their books…they are coming…I promise!

-Music Festival is on Wednesday

-We are having a Folklorama performance on Thursday

-MTYP is coming to do a performance on Friday!

-#MentalMathMonday will look a little different this week. I will prepare some more addition and subtraction questions, some place value questions (I’ll give the standard way and students will show me non standard ways to represent the same number), and some skip counting (to help with multiplication-a focus on 3,4,5 this week)

-We should also finish reading Harry Potter! This is so bittersweet! We’ve really enjoyed the book so far (even the students who thought they wouldn’t!!). I’m so glad that I finally have been able to read this book to a class. It really is magical 😉

Should be another great week!

Until Next Time,


Weekend Update!

Happy Saturday!

Here are some pictures, updates and news for you to ponder this weekend!

Valentine holders in progress!

We are makers!

Our Valentine holders are looking great! Some students have finished, others are not. If your child has taken his/her card holder home it is because he/she wanted to add to it. There are a few students who wanted to make the holder at home only and chose to work on unfinished work at school! The Valentine holders are a Maker project. There are two criteria: The finished product must 1) Have your name on it and 2) Have an opening for cards! Even though these were individual Maker projects we still used the 4 Cs. I love how this group of kids can communicate, collaborate, think critically and is so creative. The process we take as Makers has become so natural to us and the final products are amazing!


-Ask me… for this weekend: to show me something you are working on, have learned or planning to do for your heritage/family tree project. This can be done as a sketch, or through writing. It’s up to you. The question this week is meant to give you time to work on the heritage/family tree project, or at least talk about what you are going to do. I have 3 projects completed…all are completely different from each other. This is exactly what I was hoping for. We will start presenting these projects this week at school. *IF you are one of the students who have finished your project: you can write something you learned about your family or about why you chose to present the way you did as your Ask me… this week

-Reminder: We are plastering on Monday. Please dress appropriately for doing artwork!

-#MentalMathMonday’s focus will be on subtraction facts. If you are not feeling confident with your subtraction…take some time to work on facts such as:

11-4, 15-9, 16-8, 19-8, 13-7, 12-5, 10-8, 20-15, etc.

*Remember to use the strategies you already know to help you!

Example: If you know that 4+7=11, then 11-4=7! (Using addition to think subtraction)

Example:  If you know that 15-10=5, then 15-9=6 (-10 and +1 to do the “9” facts)

Example: If you know that 9+9=18, then 18-9=9 (Doubles)

Example: If you know that 6+7=13, then 13-7=6 (Near doubles)

Example: If you know that 7+5=12, then 12-5=7 (Doubles +/-2)

Example: If you know that 2+8=10, then 10-8=2 (Compatible numbers to 10)

Example: If you know that 5+15=20, then 20-15=5 (Compatible numbers to 20)


-I have learned how to update the Need Extras tab! So if you click on that tab at the top of the blog you will find 3 things so far!

  1. Extra copies of the Home Reading and Ask Me pages if you ever need to print one off
  2. The I Love To Read Project outline in case you want a head start! (the hard copy will arrive from the printshop soon, so kids who have already finished reading can start. No worries if your child is still reading the chapter book they have chosen. There is still lots of time!)
  3. A copy of a note going home on Monday about Room 123’s new Instagram account! I’ve decided that this can be a place where we’d post photos of kids and things in the class that we might not blog about. At this time I do not feel comfortable posting faces on the blog since it is open for the world to see, but can control who sees us on the Instagram account. The account is private, and only families from 123 will be able to follow us. You would need to request permission to follow us. I also think it is something that the class can help with. It will be easy to teach them how to post a picture (it will be approved by me of course). I hope you will be excited about this idea and support us. Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

-I have also figured out the proper settings for you to comment. Sorry about any confusion before. Being a learner is quite the process!!

Until next time!