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And Just Like That…It’s June!

Hello Everyone & Happy Saturday!

Last week seemed to go by impossibly quick! Sadly, I think that is going to be the norm for the remainder of the school year 🙁

Here is what happened lsat week at school and what will be happening this week!

Book Clubs: The end is near! We have a work period on Monday, a rehearsal for our presentations on Wednesday and then our final presentations on Friday! We will be making some final decisions about how to proceed with our Drama sessions and then let the kids know what to expect!

Math Groups: We are working on fractions and how we use fractions in our everyday lives! We are counting by 1/2s, 1/3s, 1/4s and 1/10s and also doing compatible fractions. For example: If I ate 1/2 of a pie, what fraction did I not eat? (In other words what fraction do you need to get to one whole). Or 4/10 of the kids in the class were away today, what fraction of the kids were at school? The progression of compatible numbers continues! First we needed to learn compatible numbers (number pairs) to 10, then 20, then 50, then 100 and now fractions!

Mathantics Fractions are Parts

IF you are still challenged by recalling or determining compatible numbers to the whole numbers I listed above…please practice! It is so helpful with addition and subtraction in mental math if you know those number pairs.

1+9=10        9+1=10

2+8=10       8+2=10

3+7=10      7+3=10

4+6=10     6+4=10


*Use those facts to help you with 20! 50! 100!

If you know that 2+8=10, then 12+8=20 and 22+28=50 and 32+68=100

Use the number pairs for 10 to get you to the next group of 10 (22+8=30 and then think about what you need to get from 30 to 50 which is 20 so 22+28=50).

Practice for a few minutes each day!

“Let’s do compatible numbers to 50” “I have X, you have?” and your child will determine the fact that is missing. Example: If you have “34” and you are looking for the missing added to 50. On paper this would look like 34+?=50.

We are still asking that families practice skip counting at home if your child isn’t able to skip count fluently. If they are having to stop and think by counting on, then they need more practice. Students should be able to fluently count by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s. 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s may still be developing.

Once your child is able to count then they are ready for multiplication fact practice. If you have flashcards then pull those out and practice for a few minutes each day. You can split them into piles of “mastered” and “still working on” or see how many they can get in a given time and compare each day, etc. Turn it into a game!

You can do the same things with division facts. We’ve made the connection that division facts are the commutative property for multiplication facts! If you know 3×4=12 you also know that 4×3=12, 12/3=4 and 12/4=3 🙂

Uptown Funk Multiplication Song

Multiplication Rap (x2 or x3)

3 Times Table Song

4 Times Table Song

5 Times Table Song

6 Times Table Song

7 Times Table Song

8 Times Table Song

Read Aloud: We finished Wishtree! It was a lovely story about friendship and belonging. I hope the kids have talked about the story at home. It got a “slow clap” from the kids when I finished reading, so I think that means they liked it! We will be starting our final read aloud book for the year…The Wild Robot Escapes! If you already own the book  you are welcome to bring it in and follow along as I read!

Compost Presentation! Ms Mary came to school on Friday to teach us about composting and soil. She was very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. Compost is something that I’ve been thinking about lately and she definitely provided us with great information.

I am hoping that next year we take on composting at school!

Plants: Our plants are growing! We will let them grow for another week at school and then think about sending them home! Some of the plants will need to leave their Ziploc bag home and be planted in a container that will give them more room to grow! I love it when the kids come racing in to the window to see if their plant has grown overnight! We worked with a partner and compared two plants using a Venn Diagram. This way we could see how the plants were similar and different. Our “classroom pets” are growing too! Well…some of them! We are learning about which of the growing environments we created are best suited for pumpkin seeds 🙂

We will wrap up our Observation Station with 122 & 126 this week. We’ve observed and documented the same spot outside since there was still snow on the ground! It will be super neat to pull all our pictures and notes together to see how our nature spots have changed with the change of season.

Volunteer Tea: Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for making helping out in so many ways. It means a lot to have connections between home and school 🙂

*Due to the performers at the Volunteer Tea we will have to change Genius Hour to this week. I’ll do some planning and let the kids know on Monday when a good time will be. I’m thinking about Thursday as of now.

Family Life/Health: We have met twice and will have two more lessons this upcoming week and two more after that.

*Book order is due on June 11so we have enough time to get those final orders in!

This week will we also do more learning about provinces (hint-there will be a connection to our upcoming Drama activities!), do an art project about provincial flowers, get back to our outdoor education (I regrettably let the weather dictate a few days of not going outside) and create a giant kindness calendar for the whole school! This is part of your Ask Me question for the weekend: Through Seesaw send me an idea of what we can add to our calendar to inspire our school community to show kindness to themselves, others and the earth. This idea came from the calendar below that we found in the copy room at school. Now we want to make a kid/family friendly one instead!

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Until next time,


Busy Busy Busy

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Here is our  Sept 18-22 week at a glance!

The kids got a little extra time off last Monday while we were hard at work learning more about blogging and the power of being connected with families!

Throughout the rest of the week we:

-did a Number Puzzle together to go through another example of what it means to show your thinking for each style of question. Then we did another puzzle in our own and while more students are showing how they got the answer in a way that I can follow their thought process, we still need reminders and practice. This is a good opportunity for the students to try one at home and see if the parents can follow their thinking by looking at their “work”!

-watched our first Mathantics video to help remind us/teach us more about Place Value. We also started to work on our Number Concepts books as part of our Place Value practice

-finished typing The Best Part of Me write ups, put up the collaborative dots and did some self reflections using water colour paint…ALL of which are ready for you to see on Monday at Meet the Teacher!!! Please come see us, even if you didn’t order pizza. I’ll be in the room at 6 and would love to see you!!

-spent some time outside with Room 122 during Outdoor Ed/Move It time AND with our buddies from 124! We really needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather and sunshine while we could!! There are so many benefits to being outside and I’m so glad to work in a school that encourages us to spent time outdoors 🙂

-we did our first 2 sessions in our Words Their Way groups. Once we are done with these words they will be sent home for you to continue to use at home. You can have your child show you how they are sorted any why they are sorted that way. You can use them to write sentences or even do a spelling quiz!

-we also had our first session with Murray! From now until the Winter Break we will have “Inquiry Murray” time on Days 1, 3, 5 from 2:30-3:30

*Ask Me…: the Ask Me question for this weekend is to write/draw some wonderings for our field trip on Monday. This field trip is going to be what shapes our Inquiry…which is why we haven’t talked much about Rocks and Minerals yet!

Looking Ahead!

-Field Trip to Mariash Quarry on Monday, September 25!! We will be leaving at 9:30 and returning at 3:15. Please bring a litterless lunch. Thank you for 25/25 permission slips and thank you to our parent volunteers! It’s going to be a great day! My weather app says 10 degrees and cloudy. Please dress for the weather!

-Meet the Teacher! Monday evening!!! Your children are looking forward to showing you the class and I’m there to chat and answer questions you may have. Can’t make it?? Let me know if you’d like to swing by after school one day!!

-Thursday: Terry Fox Run.

Join us at school for the run if you can! You can also send a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation if you’ like. As a school we will do a collection and send in our donation.

-Friday is Orange Shirt Day. Please wear orange to show support for Residential School Survivors.

Enjoy your weekend!!! See you next week 🙂

Until next time,