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Jam Packed “Half Week”!

Hello Everybody!

I’ve decided that this week was more like a half week! Let me explain that! No school on Monday, half the class absent on Tuesday and Wednesday, Winter Fun Day all afternoon on Thursday and a pretty regular Friday! I think if you add that up it left us with a “half week”! Don’t get me wrong…that time we had together was very well spent!

Let’s Recap!

-Green screen projects are about 2/3s completed and we’ve posted the finished projects on Seesaw. I love the parent comments!! If your child doesn’t have a video posted yet, it is likely because he or she was absent at some point of the week or we simply ran out of time. Don’t worry…more are coming! Thanks to the students who have taken on this leadership role. Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

-Research projects on our animal/habitats is going really well. I think we could use one more day of research and then can start writing about our animals and where they live!

-We have found some really great tweets about animals, habitats, adaptations, human impact (positive and negative) and natural disasters. It’s my hope that your child shares some of this information with you at home!

-WTW was a bust this week! We cancelled on Tuesday since 25/73 students were missing (and a teacher and an EA!) and on Thursday it was Winter Fun Day. Tests will happen on Monday…for sure! Please review the words since it has been awhile!

-Grade 3s started their Mental Math Dictionaries. Ask your child what it means to “Use 10 as a Referent when Estimating”

-We are making progress with telling time! Please continue to practice at home. Ask your child what time it is and how many minutes until the next hour. It will help them build confidence with telling time and it only takes a few seconds!

-It was Support Staff Appreciation Day at Montrose! We are so fortunate to have an amazing team of clerks, EAs and custodians. Room 123 kids each made a personalized card for each of the support staff to thank them for their hard work. A kind word can go such a long way 🙂

-We had a lot of fun learning how to read nutrition labels. The kids are learning what those labels mean and I wouldn’t be surprised if they start looking at everything in your cupboard or tell you when something is healthy/unhealthy! They may even want to measure their portions out! Please let it happen if you can 🙂 I’ve compiled what we learned and what we brainstormed with Anna a few weeks ago and put it up as the beginning of a new bulletin board!

-This is a nice lead in for the Ask Me question (as also posted on Seesaw). This week’s question asks students to keep a food journal (either Saturday or Sunday). Write down all food that is eaten for the day and record it in the Home Reading folder. Don’t “fake it” and just eat super healthy to impress the teacher 😉 Be honest! We are going to do an activity with this information next week!

-Thanks to everyone who helped create our Olympic themed bulletin board AND to everyone who stopped by to take a look. This has been one of our most successful boards to date! I noticed so many students, staff and parents check it out and talk to each other about Canada’s performance at the Olympics!

Let’s see how many more medals we can get this weekend! Let’s shatter our previous record count!

Some things we’ve learned through the 2018 Olympics:

-How Canada is viewed by other countries

-How the media plays a role in how we receive and interpret information

-How much Math there is in sports! Some of us got very good at reading and understanding decimals as we watched replays of bobsledding, skiing, figure skating, etc.


Here is the plan for next week…

-Helen and I have planned another round of literature circles for the students. It will run similar to what we did with Rocks and Minerals, but this time it will be about habitats/ecosystems. We will have mixed groups with 122. When you aren’t working with your adult (Helen, Ginny or myself) you will be doing some fun activities with your group members (including “What if you had…animal” art, food chains and ecosystem posters). This will run from Monday to Friday!

-We couldn’t read Magic Misfits with so many of our friends missing…so if you were away don’t worry…you haven’t missed any of the book! We will pick up where we left off next week!

-We will continue our healthy lifestyle inquiry next week as well. I wonder see where it’ll lead us?! One thing for sure is we have discovered a great math connection (that was very evident when looking at portion size). Reading the labels has helped us with fractions, decimals, repeated addition, multiplication, division and percentages! I love making math connections to our everyday lives 🙂

– We will look at some more Inuit culture and language next week and look at this resource I found on Twitter. We will also look more closely at the map of Canada and what is considered Canada’s North.

Inuktut Language Month

-Genius Hour will take place next Thursday (March 1st). Please be prepared to work on your project.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the beautiful weather (that has been forecasted anyway)…and #GoJetsGo!

Until next time,


Have Time for Another Post?!

Today we did some practice with telling time. Yesterday our Mental Math Monday (or Tuesday since there was no school on Monday 😉)focus was time. I read a time and the students wrote the time down on paper. For example: when I said half past 10. They would write 10:30. Quarter after 6 would be 6:15. Quarter to 8 would be 7:45. 20 to 4 would be 3:40. 5 to 12 would be 11:55, etc. Then we switched to the 24 hour clock. I would say 13:00 and the would write 1:00 p.m., etc. Overall, we found that about 1/3 of the class felt confident with the task and were pleased with their score /30. This means that we wanted to do some practice and boost those feelings of confidence and understanding of the other 2/3 of the class. Students who needed extra practice partnered up with students who felt like they could support their peers. Students who felt okay-ish partnered with others who felt okay-ish. Afterward we did a sharing circle about the process and found…students enjoyed being learning leaders, students enjoyed learning from other their peers, students liked hearing ideas of how to practice telling time and either choosing one of those or developing their own activity, students realized that they knew more than they thought they did!

Time to learn!

Check in with your kids to see how they feel about telling time. Students are welcome to borrow some mini clocks to use at home for a few days to practice. You could also make flashcards, say a time and have them draw a clock or write the time to match what you’ve said, practice the 24 hour clock (which comes in so handy for travelling!), give a time and ask how many minutes until the next hour. Don’t forget to practice times like 3:37 or 10:18 when reading time, drawing clocks and telling you how many minutes to the next hour (which is like a compatible number to 60) can be a little trickier. I realize that most places have digital clocks, but learning to read an analog clock is a skill that everyone should know.

We will do another round of time for MentalMathMonday (January 30).

Time to go (lol)