January 9

January Gym Shorts

January is the start of our basketball season; unfortunately, there was not enough interest from the girls to field a team but the boys have been practicing and are raring to go!  Students in grades six through eight are eligible to play on our extra-curricular teams.  A schedule has already been emailed to players.  We practice primarily on Tuesdays after school and play on Wednesdays.  The first game of the season was January 9th and it will wrap up at the end of February.


During the month of January, badminton is the sport being introduced in physical education classes (with necessary adaptations for the younger grades of course!)


I would like to remind parents and students that proper clothing and footwear are necessary for safe participation in all physical education activities.


If you would like to talk to me about anything regarding your child’s physical education experience, please phone me at the school or send me an email!


Mr. Armstrong

January 8

News from Room 26

In November we did coding! It was really fun! The Code Mobile came to Earl Grey.  They go all around Manitoba and talk to kids about coding.  We followed the teacher’s coding examples to create our own games.  We got to choose our own character, background, and even put music in our game.  It was so cool! We learned that coding has to be very specific in order for the computer to do its job.  We learned so much about coding and had a great time doing it.  

We spent a week creating models of the digestive system.  We made them using recyclables like milk cartons and tubes.  We went through a testing phase.  It was pretty cool.  Some of us had to make improvements because it didn’t work.  It helped us learn more about the digestive system.  

We have started working on our speaking skills by participating in T.U.S. C. (Totally Unique Speaking Club).  You can choose a variety of choices.  For example, there is a class clown role where you tell jokes and riddles.   Another example of a T.U.S.C. role is to ask an expert.  You would ask an expert about a topic and show your audience how to do it.  You can present in front of the class or tape yourself at home.  With T.US.C. youhave to find a fun way to present your information! 

During arts and culture with Madame Bento-Teves we have been drawing portraits of characters that have a connection with Salvador Dali.  In our portraits we had to include a clock like Dali.  The clock had to be melting and dripping in some sort of way. We had to use water colour pencil for the picture and your picture frame had to be full.  We watched videos that taught us how to use the water colour pencils properly.  That is what we did for arts and culture.   

We are almost ready to show our passion projects to our families, which we started in September.  We picked something we were passionate about and wanted to learn more about.  We work really hard every Day 4.  We meet in the library with Room 27 and Room 28.  Most of us are done finding our information.  Now we are finding a way to present it.  We are showing our passion projects to our families in January.

Thank you for reading Room 26’s November news! We are looking forward to many more exciting learning adventures in December.     

December 11

Zones of Regulation


Are you ready to learn about the Zones of Regulation?  The zones help you to manage your feelings.  What zone are you in today?


Green Zone


The green zone is the learning zone!  In this zone you may feel happy, calm and focused.  You might be in the green zone when you are learning at school or having a conversation with your family.

Yellow Zone


In the yellow zone you have some control over your feelings.  You may feel silly, excited, nervous or frustrated.  You might feel yellow if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed!



Blue Zone


In the blue zone you are not feeling your best.  You may be sad, tired or sick.  You might feel blue if you wake up with a cold.



Red Zone


In the red zone you feel out of control!  You may feel mad, angry or terrified.  You might be in the red zone during an argument.



Here are some strategies you can use to get or stay in the green zone:

  • Ask for a hug
  • Read
  • Think happy thoughts
  • Take deep breaths
  • Go and get a drink of water


We hope that you will use the Zones of Regulation to help you control your body and emotions.

December 11

Junior High November Story

So far this November we’ve been reading a book called “Refugee” by Alan Gratz. We are discussing about refugees and how they cross borders. We’ve been making body biographies of three characters from the book.

In Math we’ve been learning and reviewing decimals and percents. We know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide decimals. We also learned how to convert a fraction to decimal to percent.

In Science we’ve been learning about the Particle Theory of Matter. At the beginning of the topic we tried an experiment about heat transferring through particles.

In Social Studies we’ve been learning about human geography and more and less developed countries. We were learning about immigration and migration and how people would want to leave or enter a country. We also learned how some people are sometimes forced out of their homes.


December 3

Room 25: Making New Friends

In November we were sad to say Goodbye to Neil, but were excited to meet our new classmate Kingston.



We are exploring the globe. Our class learned the seven continents are North and South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Australia(Where Neil is going back to)! Mr. Shenkarow went on stage and did ballet. We also surprised Mr. Shenkarow by learning an Oompa Loompa song from our class novel that we finished Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.






Abbie (Mr.Shenkarow’s daughter) came to spend a day with us for bring your child to work day.




December 3

Room 23: We Really Liked It!!!

At the beginning of November, we started learning a dance to the song called “September” by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. It is a cover of Earth, Wind and Fire’s original song. We were kind of nervous when we started but than it didn’t seem so scary when the performance started. During the performance, some of us got more nervous because everyone in the school and our families were staring at us. We were watching Mrs. Orchard and Mrs. Jeninga to follow the dance moves. We made a few little mistakes but it was okay because nobody noticed. In the end, we all had a lot of fun and we really liked it!

From Room 23


November 22

Room 28 October Story

October was a very busy month! We started off the month with the Terry Fox Run. It was cold and rainy! But we took our class picture outside. Then we had Thanksgiving. The Grade 6 class had art, and we made a sky background with birch trees. We learned about blending and mixing colours. Grade ⅘ also had their art classes. We learned about tessellations, and made neat patterns. We also made self-portraits with one colour.

We then had our first science workshop, where we dissected a sheep’s eye. It was pretty gross! We found out that there is jelly inside the eye that holds the lens. The lens is very thick and felt like a grape. That same day we used Ozobots. You can code them to read different colours and do different things, like turbo speed or spin.

Next, we got started on our Passion Projects! This is where we research something we are passionate about. We will be creating presentations later for our parents and families. Isabella is studying succulents, Daniel is studying hoverboards, and Scarlett is studying rabbits.

Then we finished our science presentations. Cj, Daniel and Absar created a really cool model of the Brain, Spine and Nervous system. Odin and Amos taught us about the largest bone (femur) and the smallest bone (stape, located in your ear).

In our second science workshop we dissected a pig’s heart. One group found hair inside the heart, that we learned got there when the heart was removed. We learned about the atria and the ventricles inside our hearts.

On Halloween, most of the students wore their costumes! Mr. Armstrong was dressed up as the Queen Of Hearts, he made a pretty good lady! The K-4 students had the Haunted Gym, run by EEE. Grade 5-8’s had the Halloween Dance. We had to bring a canned good or a dollar to get in.

We all had an awesome October, we hope you did too!


November 11

Room 16 Has a GREAT Month

Shared Writing from Room 16 students:

For the month of October we have been engaged in a variety of fun learning activities. We have dedicated a lot of time is developing Playground Expectations when we are on the playground during recess. Working in groups students thought about what the behaviour expectation looked like at the swings, slides, monkey bars, fence, poles, nets, rink and the shed. We wrote short statements about Being Respectful, Being Safe and Being a Learner. This was harder to write than we thought!   We have been using our ideas and creating short video clips using Do Ink Green Screen.   Avery tells us this project is harder than taming a lion. Hopefully this video will be released soon!


Another theme we have explored this month is celebrating ourselves and our identity. We have discussed what makes us the alike, different and unique. Some books that we have read are the Name Jar, I Like Myself, and Looking Like Me. Additionally we have learned what it means to be kind. We have read Only One You, and Adrian Simcox Does Not Have Horse. An important message from these books is sometimes you have to learn how to see kindness.



We are not only readers in Room 16 but writers with many things to say. If you come by our hallway you will see our “ I’m So Smart” poems posted on the bulletin board.   Along with these poems are our Picasso Portraits that we did with the Arts and Culture teacher, Madame Bento Teves.   In these self portraits we learned about symmetrical and asymmetrical. Some of us found it challenging to make our faces asymmetrical when we have previously been working to make our faces symmetrical! Our art teacher, Ms Vik showed us how to draw pumpkins and blend chalk pastel colours with our fingers.



Room 16 students have also been writing every day in their Writer’s Notebook. Some students have written very long stories.   Our goal is to publish them. We started gathering ideas for writing and sorting them into different pockets. One pocket is our Memory Pocket, another is our Fact Pocket and finally our Imagination Pocket. Mya’s idea about what it would be like to ride a unicorn would go in her Imagination Pocket.   What idea to you have in your pocket? We have been working on using good leads to hook our audience and juicy words.   We had a chance to examine writing examples and noticed what good writers do. We worked in small groups to make suggestions about what the writer might need to do next. This will help us set goals for our own writing.


We have been choral counting by different numbers and looking for patterns. Grade ones have been making repeating patterns with shapes. Can you believe we have been at school for 39 days already! OOPS when we checked with Mrs. Jeninga’s class and found out that they were at 40 days of school, we had to go back and recount to find out we were off by one day already. TIME FLIES WHEN YOU ARE HAVING FUN!!!!!


Have you seen us walking around the neighbourhood? We have been walking on most days for about 1km. Today we noticed the canvas banners about soldiers who served in the Great War and located the houses that they lived at so long ago when they lived in our Earl Grey neighbourhood.   The youngest soldier we have learned about was only 19 years old when hedied in the war.   That’s only 11 years older than our grade 3s.

Room 16 had a great month.

We hope next month will be another fantastic adventure in our our learning.



November 5

October Story for Music class

This has been an exciting month in the music classroom!


Some of the grade 1, 2, & 3 students had the opportunity to play the Tubano drums. We read a West African tale called “The Leopard’s Drum.” The students learned drumming patterns for each of the characters in the book, then used the drums to help tell the story. It was a blast!


The grade 4, 5, & 6 students have been working hard to prepare to sing “Al Shlosha D’Varim” for our upcoming Remembrance Day service. They learned about the meaning of the Hebrew lyrics, and also started learning about the Holocaust. The grade 4, 5, & 6 students also learned to sing Al Shlosha D’Varim at the same time as they play a beautiful part on the barred instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, and metallophones). Your child can listen to this recording of Al Shlosha D’Varim:


  Georgia Children’s Chorus 2011 Spring Concert: “Al Shlosha D’ Varim” by Allan E. Naplan – YouTube


The Georgia Children’s Chorus, under the direction of Carol Reeves, performs “Al Shlosha D’ Varim” by Allan E. Naplan, at their Spring 2011 concert at the Ho…



The Grade 7 & 8 students have started to learn guitar! They are beginning by learning to play simple melodies using and chords. Grade 7 & 8 students are invited to use some of their free time at lunch and after school to practice guitar in the music room. If your grade 7 or 8 child has a guitar at home, please encourage them to practice!


Some dates to look forward to:


Remembrance Day Service, Friday, November 9th, 10:30 am

Earl Grey Winter Concert, Thursday, December 20th, 6:30 pm