May 17

Gym Riot Review by Mariam, Room 26

Gym Riot

Gym Riot is an event that Earl Grey School does almost every year. In Gym Riot there are 3 teams. Every year the teams select a name. This year the team names were Black Cats, Grey Wolves and Red Phoenix. Kids in Grade 5-8 participate in Gym Riot.  The team that wins gets pizza as a prize. Some of the Grade 4s are the judges.  I was a judge this year.

As a judges we told the players which team had the nicest poster and chant.  Our job was to also keep track of points. Whoever came in 1st got 5 points. Whatever team came in 2nd got 3 points and whoever came in 3rd place got 1 point.

There are 8 different types of activities in Gym Riot. One activity is called Black Hole. Black Hole is when the teams divide into half. The first person holds up a hoop. Then another person run through the hoop and holds the other person’s hand and both of them run through the hoop. This repeats again and again and again until their entire team is on one side.

Another event is the pie eating contest. This event was my favourite. There’s one person from each team that puts a garbage bag on. They have to try to eat pie without using their hands. Someone holds the plate and does whatever the person eating the pie wants them to. When they finish they have pie all over their face.



In third place was Black Cat with 37 points. In second place was Grey Wolves with 39 points and in first place was Red Phoenix with 42 points. The winners had a pizza lunch as their reward.  The people on the Red Phoenix team were very proud of themselves.


Written by Mariam, Gym Riot Judge, from Room 26

May 17

Room 22: You have GOT to read this book!

You have GOT to read this book!  Room 22 loved “My Mouth is a Volcano!” by Julia Cook.  It is a hilarious book about interruptions.  The main character is Louis whose words erupt like a volcano!  He interrupts everybody!  He does not realize that this is a problem until his classmates start to interrupt him.  This book is a perfect reminder for all ages to wait your turn to speak.  We all feel appreciated when people take turns.  Watch out, a volcano could erupt around you at any moment!

April 9

Room 15: Our Weather Station

Lion weather is called lion weather because lions are very tough. Lion weather can be stormy, windy, or rainy. Lamb weather is very nice like lambs. Lamb weather is sunny. It can be blue sky and have no clouds or white fluffy clouds. – Brody


I painted the weather station. I like to play in the weather station. – Jaxson

I used lots of paint. – Charlie


I made a rainbow! It is colourful. – Alexa

The colours in the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Roy G. Biv is an elf that lives in the rainbow. He helps me remember the colour order. – Maggie


I painted a sun for our weather station. Sunny weather is my favourite. – Lily


We coloured the map for the meteorologist. It was a map of Canada. We live in Manitoba. – Logan


I work at a weather station. I tell everybody what to wear for the day. – Talon


Snow comes out of the clouds. – Dmittri


We sang weather songs for the assembly. I wore a cloud. I like sunny weather. – Sage


I am dressing the weather bear for the weather. The bear wears different clothes in different seasons. My favourite season is summer. – Meagan


I helped make the weather binoculars. Scientists use binoculars. – Salam


April 5

Junior High @ Earl Grey

The junior highs have been busy at work for the past month. In math, the junior highs

have started working with integers, the grade 7’s learning how to add and subtract with

integers and the grade 8’s learning how to multiply and divide. In science we have

been working with solutions and mixtures.  In language arts, we finished the novel

Red Wolf and wrote an argumentative essay to answer in response to the question, “Were

the creation of Indian residential schools an attempt to commit cultural

genocide.” In social studies we have been learning about human rights around the world.

As a concluding assignment, we each picked a person or an event to research, wrote an essay

and had to produce a visual component that summarized the person or event and which

human rights had been violated.

The highlight of the month was the ski trip to holiday mountain on the 7th of March.

Even though we had to get up before the crack of dawn it was worth it. Some people

snowboarded, some people skied while a few spent most of their time in the lodge. There

were several funny moments and we all had a good time.


Before going on spring break we had gym riot on the last Thursday. The gym riot was for

grade 5-8 students who were put in 3 teams, The Black Cats, The Gray Wolves and The Red

Phoenix. Some events were for the whole team while some events required the participation

of only some of the team. The last event was the pie eating contest which was dominated by

the girls.

April 5

Room 13 Learned About Colours

This month we learned all about colours! Did you know that primary colours cannot be made by mixing other colours together? Secondary colours are the colours we make from mixing two primary colours together.  When you add white a colour gets lighter and when you add black a colour gets darker.  We tried out making different colours with lots of different paints and we got pretty messy! We had a fun month and enjoyed learning about colours.

-Shared writing by Room 13 a.m. and p.m.

April 5

Room 26: The Day the Books Left

We enjoyed “I Love to Read” month because we REALLY love to read!   We decided to share our love for books at our assembly by performing a play about books!  We worked together to brainstorm the concept for the play and helped create a script.  “The Day the Crayons Left” written by Oliver Jeffers was used for inspiration.  Our play, “The Day the Books Left”, is about eight students and their eight angry books.  The books aren’t treated right, and they have up and left.  The books are angry because their owners were not taking care of them.  They are tired of getting damaged, dirty, and neglected.  The books write letters to their owners communicating their discontent.  The students in the play realize they were wrong and promise to change.  The books eventually come back to be with their owners because they love to be read, and their owners love to read. Everyone had an important role to play in the performance and there was great team work on and off the stage!


April 5

Spanish Kindergarten Loved Amazing Corn

During the month of March Spanish Kindergarten had the opportunity to participate on our first field trip of the year.

Spanish Kindergarten had a fantastic time at the corn maze! We had the chance to go up the the huge hill that looked liked a mountain to us. Some fun activities we took part in were the sleigh ride, giant jenga, roasting marshmallows and our favourite activity was making friends with the little barn cat “Todd”.

We can’t wait to see what the rest April has in store for us.


April 4

Bravo Earl Grey Choirs!!!

At the beginning of March, the Earl Grey choirs attended the Winnipeg Music Festival for the first time in many years! Our students sang so beautifully, and acted like professionals. We were very proud to have them representing Earl Grey School!


Each choir sang two songs, then listened to some comments from the adjudicator.  The adjudicator’s job was to tell the singers what they did well, and how they could improve. The adjudicator also gave each choir a score (gold, silver, bronze, or participation).


Here are the results from the adjudicator:


The Advanced Choir won a silver medal!

The Grade 1-3 Choir won a silver medal!

The Grade 4-6 Choir won a silver medal!


We are very happy with these results! Bravo, Earl grey choirs!


If you would like to watch a video of the Earl Grey choirs performing at the Winnipeg Music Festival, please check out the Earl Grey School YouTube channel.


April 4

Room 21 Re-Creates Our Community

Our community diorama of Earl Grey was a hit. We worked hard to make sure we added as much details as possible. This included: Earl Grey School, Tim Hortons, Houses, Subway, Esso, Earl Grey C.C, McDonalds, ice rink, and apartments. We had a great time  learning and sharing in our classroom.
Room 21