February 28

The Buzz in Room 16

Have you heard the buzz in Room 16 this past month?  It’s the sound of busy writers sharing what they have learned about honeybees.   Stop by Room 16’s Bulletin Board for a chance to read some great published writing authored by students in grade one, two and three.


Another highlight to of the month was the opportunity to participate in soapstone carving with Michael ManyEagles.  He generously shared his time and soapstone pieces with students so that they could have an opportunity to learn this art form from him.


Our school hosted another artist come to our school, Artist Ann, and our class was one of the lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.   The theme for this project was fish.


We look forward to seeing what March brings!

-Ms. Tattersall, 1/2/3 Alternative

February 28

Room 12 Polar Bear Experts

  In Room 12 we have been learning about polar bears.

Did you know?

  • Polar bear fur is clear and not white.
  • From far distances you can’t see polar bears because they camouflage in the snow.
  • Polar bears eat seals, fish and little whales.
  • In the summer polar bears eat berries, plants and musk ox.
  • Polar bears live in the North Pole. You can find them in Churchill, Manitoba.
  • Polar bears do not hibernate except for pregnant mothers.


These are just some of the facts that we know about polar bears.  Come and talk to a Room 12 student if you would like to learn more!!!

  • A shared Writing Piece by the Students of Room 12, Grade 1
February 27

Ms. Desrosiers: Literature Circles Abound

Our first literature circle novels were completed in February.  As it was also “I Love to Read” month, we chose to decorate our classroom door with a scene from the novel “every day” by David Leviathan.  Each literature circle group completed a video book trailer for the book they read to demonstrate their understanding of the novel and to encourage others to read their book.  Literature circles are continuing and groups are currently about half way through their second novel.

Room 31 wore red for “Colour Day”

February 26

Ms. Hamulka: Long Equations, Dart Frogs & Bruno Mars



In Junior High Math,   we finished up our integer unit with some fun but SUPER long equations and some of our Grade 8 students began looking at order of operation in a whole new way by using the relocation property method instead. We have just started our linear equations unit and will be working in fluid groupings! We started today with a lot of group work and sharing strategies!



In Science we just finished up our interaction with ecosystem unit by finishing our inquiry project on an animal that is on the endangered species list. I have been able to listen to small pieces from most of the projects and I am excited to be learning! Did you know that the poison dart frog toxicity’ level comes from their diet! Next we will be looking at the Earth’s crust!





We have just switch from Music to Art so I am excited to have a new batch of students to explore Art with. Artist Ann has been doing a fabulous job in the art room and it is looking amazing! In jr. high art we talked about what we wanted to create this term. The students wanted to look into doing sideway chalk art and working with pastels. Look out for some amazing art on the sidewalks come the spring!

Some of our students have switched French to Art and some of our students have decided to stay in dance! Right now we are working on a short hip hop piece to Bruno Mar’s “24K” (as per the student’s song request). We are working on counting music and isolating movements.

In elementary dance one class is working on a super secret dance (shhh! I promised I wouldn’t say anything) while room 15 and room 16 are exploring different styles of dance (e.g. disco) and different movements (e.g. different jumps and leaps).


I can’t wait to see what March brings…..

February 16

NO Parking/No Stopping In Effect

Starting on February 16, there is no parking on Cockburn right in front of the school.

Most of that block is now designated as No Parking/Loading.

You will be able to pull up, drop off your children or walk them into school.

The areas close to the intersection and the crosswalk are now “No Stopping”.

Please abide by these signs and help keep our children safe.


February 16

Our K-4 Winter Carnival is This Friday!

On the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 17, elementary students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 will be participating in a Winter Carnival.  The Winter Carnival is a cooperative and competitive experience where students can participate in different traditional and unique outdoor activities.  These activities include snow soccer, dog sled sliders, relay races, and other fun events.

The students will be outside for extended periods of time with the Grade 4’s out the longest (1 hour 45 minutes).  We would like to remind all students to wear the appropriate clothing for the conditions on that day.  Many events include direct contact with snow, so gloves/mitts, head coverings, and boots are a must, and snow pants are strongly recommended. In the event that the weather does not cooperate we would reschedule for a later date.


Students are supervised during all events and rotate around the school yard and through the gym.  As part of this activity students will be given hot chocolate during their scheduled “indoor” activity.


We will welcome any parents/guardians that would like to join us for this afternoon of fun winter activities!  We hope you and your children enjoy this opportunity to experience some of the unique and active events that winter can provide!


Thank you!


Patrick Armstrong

Physical Education