April 28

Room 15’s New Inquiry

We started a new inquiry project! Our classroom is turning into a camp site.  People camp where there are lots of trees. That’s called a forest. – Natalie


There are two kinds of trees that grow in a forest. They are called coniferous and deciduous. A coniferous tree is a Christmas tree. They have lots of needles. A deciduous tree has leaves. The leaves grow and change colour in different seasons. They even fall off. – Georgie

We built a trailer for our campsite. There are flowers on our trailer. We built a fire, too. We read books about flowers and trees under the canopy. It gives us shade. I have slept in a real trailer! – Jaxson

We made a white and yellow birch tree on our bulletin board. We added details to the tree using paint. Birch trees can grow really tall.  –Hunter


Birch trees are deciduous trees. There are two different kinds of birch trees. There are white and yellow birch trees. You can peel off the bark on the tree. Paper is made from trees.  Also, the yellow birch tree doesn’t peel as easy. – Watson

Trees have roots, leaves, branches, and a trunk. My favourite part of a tree is the leaves. – Brody

Don’t rip off the branches from trees.  Its not respectful. Trees are living things. – Salvador

We have a real tree stump in our classroom. If you look really close you can see rings. Not like the rings you wear. Trees keep growing and they get bigger. The rings on a tree are really tiny. You can count the rings and find out how old the tree is. – Emily Marie

Leaves help the tree make food to grow. – Andrii

Trees clean the air. – Emily

I’m writing a book about plants and trees. I am an author and an illustrator. – Mya

Trees have rings inside. You can count the rings to see how old the tree is.  – Andrii

I painted a tree using tree parts! It was tough but a lot of fun. I used blue, brown and green paint. I mixed blue and brown to make a dark blue. – Hunter

I painted a tree. I used a stick and leaves instead of a paint brush. – Jaylee

My teacher brought in a bunch of tree parts. We tried to figure out what kind of tree they came from. I knew that it was coniferous because of the needles. We watched a learning video about different kinds of coniferous trees. We thought it was a spruce tree or a fir tree. It ended up being a spruce tree. – Juliette

We made a forest. There is lots of dirt, animals, pine cones, rocks, and trees. Its fun to play in dirt. I made a bear den. – Ella


We learned about the different parts of a tree. We built and painted a Cedar tree. The branches were real parts. We labelled the tree parts when we were all done. -Georgie






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