April 28

Room 25 Stands Up!!!!

This month we’ve been doing a lot of poetry! We made acrostic poems, concrete poems anddefinition poems. Right now, we’re making colour poems. We will hopefully be hosting a Poetry Night later next month. In art class we made water lilies, and we did Easter egg printmaking. In math we have been learning about how fractions and decimals and percents are related. We made appointments to work with other people, and did problem solving activities.
This month there was Earth Week, so we planted different seeds (sunflower, poppy, onion, parsley and tomatoes, carrots and beans) and did a scavenger hunt with our Nursery buddies.  We also cleaned up Garwood Street. Waldo called himself “Garbage Santa” because we picked up SO much, and the bag was getting full!

As a class we are working together to improve our focus and teamwork during the beanbag toss. We’ve had fun playing Rock Paper Scissors try it, it’s good exercise! We’ve also done an instant challenge where we had to work together to build a tall tower out of just paper.

We have been busy rehearsing for our assembly performance. We are                                                             dancing and acting out skits to the song  “Stand Up” by Mike Tompkins.                                                               This song teaches people that Human bullying is not ok, and to help others.


Written by the students of Room 25

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