April 23

Room 21: Flower Power


In Room 21 we made flowers to celebrate spring. It took two classes to make our flowers with many colours and they each look different. First, we sketched our flowers. We tried to make the flower petals to touch the edges of the paper. Then we used warm colours and cool colours with paint and oil pastels. Next used a black marker to trace our pencil lines. Our tables got messy! We think they are very pretty. You can come see them on our bulletin board in the classroom. We created this art to show how just much we love spring. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!


Written by the students in Room 21

April 23

Earl Grey Singers Perform with the WSO!

On April 5th, Riley, Olivia, Ellen, Alexis, and Ivy. had the incredible opportunity of performing with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra! The following is a write-up of their experience:


When we went to our first rehearsal we were all nervous. The rehearsals were at Riverview School. At the first rehearsal we met our instructors, Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Klassen. They taught us all of our songs that we’d be performing at the WSO. We really enjoyed our last practise because we practised our songs and then ate pizza!


On the day of the concert we met at Riverview School and then bussed to the Concert Hall. We waited in a rehearsal room and practised our songs with all the other schools. We went out onto the stage for a final rehearsal and then back into the room. Before going out on stage again we were told all the rules and to have good posture.


The performance went very well. Everybody gave a standing ovation! When we left the Concert Hall we were taken back to Riverview and then back to Earl Grey for lunch. This was a great experience!

Click to hear an excerpt:


Riley F. and Ellen B.


April 23

Friday is Pay It Forward Day

“Pay it Forward Day” – April 28, 2017
What is Pay it Forward: An opportunity for children to participate in a pro kindness program which enhances their understanding of giving by doing a good deed for someone and expecting nothing in return. Instead the receiver is encouraged to “Pay it Forward”.

When someone “Pays it Forward” they often give the person a card asking them to pay the kindness forward.

Ideas for the day might include:
– be friendly to someone they might normally ignore
– write and illustrate a picture book for younger students
– help someone with their homework or classwork
– do chores at home to help family members
– do cards to cheer up people or visit the elderly (the Convalescent Home on Jessie Ave. comes to mind)
– give someone else a recess treat
– write a letter to someone telling them how special they are

Let’s cause a ripple effect!!!!

-Ms. Desrosier