June 5

Exam Time

It has been another busy month in Junior High Language Arts.  This past month we completed our novel study on “The Giver.”  As a concluding activity the students watched the movie and together we brainstormed how the movie and book were similar and yet so different.  The students each wrote a compare/contrast essay and are currently working on constructing their own “memory books.”

Exams are only a few short weeks away!  The ELA exam is first up and the students will write the reading comprehension portion of the exam on June 13th and the writing portion will be written the following morning.    All grade eight students in our school division will write a common exam while the grade seven students write an exam constructed in house.  Students will have an hour and a half to complete each portion of the exam.  We have just begun exam practice with a focus on reading and understanding the many different ways that exam questions are asked.  Many of the exam questions are made up of several parts and it is imperative that students read the questions thoroughly before they begin to write their answers.  Good luck junior highs!

On June 26th we will be formally saying goodbye to our grade eight students with a graduation ceremony in the gymnasium at 10:00 a.m.  The ceremony will be followed by a reception for the graduates and their families.


Mrs. Desrosiers


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