June 5

Mini-Olympics-Inner City Science Lab and EXAMS!

We have had a very eventful month with Mini-Olympics, visiting the Inner City Science Program and constructing structures in science class!

Mini-Olympics has come to an end with tired and sunburnt kids. We had a splendid time outside running races, doing relays and having fun with the field games.

The Inner City Science Program was a BLAST! 10/ 10 we would love to go again! We learned more about W.H.M.I.S (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System) and M.S.D.S (Material Safety Data Sheet). We zoomed through the class where we looked through microscopes. We looked through microscopes and examined onion, celery and even our own cheek cells!

In science class we have been working on making different structures out of basic materials. Most of the students created structures that held 5 to 8 math and science textbooks. In math we are busy reviewing for our upcoming exams and learning about shape and space!


We cannot believe June will be here in less than one week! It feels like just yesterday we were finishing our first month of school and now we are entering our last school.


Ms. Hamulka and Room 37

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