September 28

Room 23 is Running and Running!

September has been a busy month in Room 23! Our whole class participated in the Terry Fox run on Friday, September 22nd with the rest of our school. Before we joined the whole school we learned a song called “The Terry Fox Song” by Mr. Kallhood and his grade 3 class. We found ourselves singing the chorus and doing the actions the whole day! “It’s the Marathon of Hope, the Terry Fox Run and it happens every year in the rain or the sun”.

We also learned that before Terry Fox decided to run across Canada he had cancer in his leg. Doctors were able to remove his leg and replace it with an artificial leg. Terry Fox ran for 143 days – even at nighttime! Terry started his run on the east coast of Canada. Terry did not make it all the way across Canada so every year schools and communities come together to run and raise money for cancer research. Terry Fox is definitely a Canadian hero in Room 23!


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