September 28

Room 28 Class Story – Sept 2017

Welcome to Room 28! From the start of the year, we knew we would be a great class!  We started with learning about each other through our “Life in a Bag” assignment. We learned that Gennie is learning to play guitar, Adam was a cute little kid, Rhianna has a beautiful beaded turtle necklace, Kyra has a cool hockey puck and card, and Sella has an amazing sand dollar, and lots of other neat things about everyone.  We also made Life Maps to learn different things about each other.

We got through our writing assessments and started our interactive science notebook. We have been talking about living and non-living things, or biotic/abiotic.

In math, the grade 6s are working on problem solving and learning about exponents. Grade 5s are working on patterns and equations. Do you know how to add using letters? We do!

4 + r = 10, so r stands for 6.

Last Friday we had a great time at the Terry Fox Run. We ran a lot of laps! We are also excited for the start of patrols this week.

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