November 10

October was a Great Month in Junior High!

October has been a fun and exciting month in Junior High. In science, to learn about cells, we were asked to create cell models. Everyone was very creative when making their models, some groups even made their models edible! Overall it was a great and tasty way to learn about cells. Lately, in math we have been learning about fractions, so to end it all off, we made fractional cupcakes! Baking has many fractions involved, as we learned when we baked the cupcakes, so it was a great way to finish off the fractions lesson. Meanwhile, in language arts we have just finished the riveting story of The Outsiders, by S.E Hinton. We made news broadcasts based on the story and we are now learning about the literary devices and how each story uses them uniquely. In social studies class we have been taking notes and studying up for a test, we also recently started learning about the Treaties that played a huge part in shaping Canada to be what it is today. Finally, many of the junior high students, along with our Earl Grey Eagles For Equality, took a trip to the Bell MTS centre for WE day! WE day was definitely a fun and inspiring experience, we got to hear stories from people who have decided to make a difference in our world, and we were inspired to make a difference as well!

October was a great month here in Junior high, we can’t wait to see how exciting November will be!

Student Writer: Eniola

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