November 29

Room 27: November was an Exciting Month

Wow, we have done a lot of exciting things this month!  For instance we have started working in expert groups as part of our study of Earth and the Solar System.  There are six groups:  the sun, constellations, the stars, asteroids and comets, personned and unpersonned space travel (we don’t like manned and unmanned) and the moon.  No, actually we mean moons (plural).


In the Grade 6 Math class we have been working on Heads and Legs problems.  We are also working on integers and made a giant number line with both positive and negative numbers.  The Grade 5s are working on multiplication and division.  Our Grade 4s are busy solving area and perimeter questions.


Room 27 had three members of the Earl Grey Eagles for Equality attend Everybody has the Right held at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  We did several activities on the topic of belonging.


There are many patrols and CMs in our class that went roller-skating or roller blading at Wheelies this month. Many of us fell but we still had fun!


We are happy to have Ms. Spring as a student teacher in our classroom!


Written by: Emma, Freya, Isabella and Olivia




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