December 5

Room 25 November Story

Hello from room 25 students!


This past month we have been doing a lot of exciting things. In Grade 4 Math we have just completed our work on measurement and calculating perimeter and area of 2-D shapes. In Grade 5 Math we have been working on multiplication and long division. Both grades have continued to work on Math drills.

In Science we learned a lot from our field trip to the Manitoba Museum and have just wrapped up our sound unit with a designed instrument build! We presented our instruments to the class and tried them out. In Social Studies we finished our projects on Famous Manitobans and are now set to begin our study of Manitoba’s history.

In ELA we have started our home reading bags and are doing guided reading groups in class. In writing we have done a lot of journal writing and are now studying how to improve our writing using better word choice. We finished reading “The Egypt Game” and have started a new class novel called “Where the Red Fern Grows”.

In Art we have been painting, sketching and recently did printmaking of original prints. In Music we are hard at work on Christmas concert dance moves and songs. In French we have been making a poster to expand our French vocabulary. In gym we have been playing speedball, handball and basketball.

The patrols went to Wheelies Roller Rink as a reward for all their hard work and dedication to student safety. We did our remembrance day assembly and it went very well. We had a long discussion about war and soldiers and shared some personal feelings about loved ones who were involved in different wars. It was very emotional and some tears were shed.

We are all looking forward to Winter break and taking some time to relax and enjoy family. Please enjoy these pictures from our field trip to the Manitoba Museum earlier this month and our pictures of our home-made instruments!


Room 25 Students

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