December 5

Room 28: Remembrance, Bisons Against Bullying and Student Publishers

Room 28 November Story


This was a busy month!  We started it off planning our Remembrance Day Assembly.  It was a lot of work to gather all the poppies,  information for the monument, and to practice our lines.  Ivy even wrote a poem for us to say.  We were so proud of how everyone (all grades) were so quiet and respectful during the assembly. On our Google Classroom reflection, Isaac shared “I really liked the poem and how everything just came together” and Sella shared that she “liked how everyone stayed focused and tried their best!”

We also really enjoyed our visit from Retired LCol Art Brown, who came to teach us about what it is like to be away from home and serve in Afghanistan. Something amazing he told us was that he has saved all of the postcards students have sent to him when he was overseas. After his visit, we wrote postcards to other people who are serving. *if you would like to send a postcard to a currently serving member or veteran, see the info below.

We also had a lot of fun going to Wheelies this month. It was our first trip as Patrols and Conflict Managers. It was a lot of fun! Some members of the University of Manitoba Bisons hockey team also came to speak to us about how to stand up to bullying, and be a positive bystander. They even brought us pencils and t-shirts!

In science this month we finished our research reports on endangered and threatened species in Manitoba, and created paintings of our organisms as well. We learned how to use a grid to enlarge a picture. We also had fun making storybooks for younger students about the different Kingdoms of Living Things. We even had the chance to share our books with the Kindergarten class.


To send a postcard to a veteran or currently serving CF Member:




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