December 8

Room 15: Talking about Courage

We learned about another teaching called courage. Mama bears show courage to protect their babies. – Kenzie

I show courage in swimming lessons. I try new things like being a starfish. I can’t do a starfish by myself. I’m going to keep trying! – Yasmin

When I went to Tinkertown, I tried a ride that I never tried before because I thought it was scary. I had courage and went on the ride. It was a fun ride! – Hannah

At daycare I never mix playdough. I show courage and don’t copy other people if they are not doing the right thing. – Jordyn

I had courage and tried cauliflower. It kinda tasted good. – Evan

I show courage at recess. When people go backwards on the slide, I still go feet first. – Carter

Sometimes I feel shy, especially in skating lessons. I show courage and try to glide backwards and forwards to the blue line. My Dad always says that falling is a part of learning how to skate. – Layla

I tried something new during lunch. I showed courage. Even if I don’t like it, I have to eat it all up. – Mia

I show courage and talk in front of my whole class during Letterland. I am very brave. – Naomi

A long, long time ago, I tried swimming. I had courage at swimming lessons. My Mom and Dad said that I was very brave. – Maggie

I show courage when I try to be a better hockey player. I fall and I keep getting back up. – Elliot

I show courage by trying to be better at counting. I set new counting goals for myself. – Joe

I showed courage yesterday at my cousin’s house. I made a good choice and did the right thing and didn’t go crazy when others were. – Willow

Luke Skywalker shows courage and stands up to Darth Vader. – Oliver

Dad made macaroni and I showed courage and tried it. – Charley

I showed courage by making new friends at the school. – Mylee

I show courage and always try skating backwards during hockey practice. It is getting easier. – Tryce

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